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After years of hard work and shows, 300 Pounds has finally found a place to call home. They rest peacefully, nuzzled in the warm busom of their latest release: The Emmeryville Project. 300 Pounds has finally found a defining sound and style to call their own. The sounds on their latest album ring true to the live vibe the band has focused on since its inception in July of 2002. Listen to the tracks and feel the funk, punk, and dance grooves wash over you and incite head bobbing and bootie shaking galore.

300 pounds started as a solo project with Nate playing accoustic guitar over a crappy CD player, shamelessly pumped through the PA of any venue that would have him. After some time spent playing open mics and random dives, Marisa Valera joined the band to help with harmonies and occluding Nate's accoustic fumblings.

Afer a few CD player shows and some trails by fire, Randy macy joined the band on bass with Jon Moriconi on drums. The lineup held for a few months before Randy was replaced by Pecos and Marisa left to pursue her dancing career.

Down to a solid crew of dedicated players, 300 Pounds finished writing and recording the band's second full-length album. While they were generally pleased with the outcome, they still hadn't captured the vibe they wanted with their music, and felt they could do better.

It was a few years before 300 Pounds went in to record again (this time in late 2006). They'd spent years reforming their sound, practicing like mad, and playing intense live shows. They wanted to record a raw, live-sounding, EP that showcased the fire of their energetic stage performances.

With the new EP up their sleeve, 300 Pounds has begun seriously pushing the band forward and taking big steps to becoming the rock colossus they all envision.

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City: Santa Cruz
Country: AMERICA NORTH: USA: California (CA)

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Cake, Soul Coughing, Faith No More, Primus, !!! (Chk, Chk, Chk), Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against The Machine, Mr. Bungle, Eels, Mars Volta, Ima Robot, Elvis Costello, The Electric 6

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