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A.G is the first artist out of Wreckless Entertainment, an independent label delivering lyricism at its finest in the Seattle area.  He is the first artist to reach the urban mainstream market via charts since Sir Mix A Lot, and he has claimed a spot synonymous on the stats with certified salability. After gaining ground with local rotation in the vicinity of Seattle word spread and the up-tempo single, We Fly left its mark on the Billboard Charts now for 22 weeks steady climbing.  A.G. joins the worldwide rap ranks as a local recruit putting Seattle on the map. To follow up with his second single “Can You Be My Lover” featuring LeToya Luckett


In it for a minute and ready for the long-haul describes the mission that Christopher Lee Holden also known as A.G. is on. A.G starting performing in night clubs and got noticed by hip hops hottest stars. Although, fresh at the milk craved age of 25, his work ethic has provided a reservation in secure territory designating a spot in the light in what the industry would call him bunkered,  a ten year veteran in the race. A.G. has been triple-threatening with his rapping, writing, and producing and crooning the ladies with his natural green eyes. It’s impossible to deny his universal appeal, to not give props to his matchless sound and hate on his gender specific public pupil profiling.


We Fly describes the high reward for full-time dedication to aggressive verse interpretations meeting A.G’s lyrical acquaintances.  This collaboration with Bizzie Bone, Bryon A McCane II, known for his high speed rhyming a member of the Bone Thugs n Harmony family and Alex Duncan, Inner Circle Member, known for his contribution to the performance of the song Bad Boys, Bad Boys What Ya Gonna Do is creating waves in various genres of music. Alex adds a reggae undertone while A.G. and Bizzie flow over the track produced by A.G and Jonathan Currington.


Formerly a Houstonian, during the establishment of the H-Town rap scene, now residing in Seattle Washington, A.G or Assassin G – is the name that was initially given to the artist by relatives down south, A.G is originally from New Orleans, where friends and family used to tell him “boy you killin em on the mike “, G was for the emerald green shots he was firing and the initial of his mom’s maiden name.


When Bone took a liking to A.G’s music, they persuaded him to drop the lengthy potential controversial name assassin, and being versatile, he adapted. Still armed with ammunition, at the end of the day, A.G’s goal remained the same, to sell units. An alternative to selling units would be the streets and straight hustlin a plan B that A.G. has placed on permanent deferment.  Simple ingredients of sugar, spice and spittin for hungry fans and no longer appetite suppressed audiences, that is, once they are graced by A.G’s presence provides a meal ticket that the starving player intends to ride on. Make no mistake A.G. knows from whom all blessings flow, and who really has the power. With an assignment from up above only the ultimate decision maker can alter his course.


A.G. and his signature characteristic swagger allow his music to reflect far and wide, crossing coastal boundaries and with mentors like LL Cool J, Snoop, Eazy E and Dr. Dre, as the world is round, his appeal is unlimited. A.G resided on the West coast for a short time, he still looks up to many East coast legends. His sound is exclusive of his vast environments and his material comes from various life experiences, everyday situations in the hood such as domesticity, culture and criminal minded overtures, a southern up bringing, industry politics, making and spending money, material possessions, tricked out rides and of course he can’t forget the lovely ladies. Every now and then one might hear a hint of egotistical escapades of reality, because he is humble and keeps it real.




Fans with album expectations will not have to wait much longer. A.G wants the creation to be right and distributed accordingly. His fan base is growing with every listener, every DJ, every station and the true test of knowing that he has arrived, every hater. Motivation is not hard to come by as A.G is already experiencing the full effect of the grind of being about the business. Innovation has allowed the capitalization of record sales thus far and determination will permit the pushing of the anticipated product in the future. More than 20,000 units have been sold without a major’s backing or distribution. A.G. is recognizable by his own following and even those of the fans that purchase, to name a few, the music of TPain, Scarface, and Lil Wayne. These are all artists of which A.G has opened big shows for. The list does not stop there.  A.G has opened for other national artists such as Genuine, Ciara, Korupt, Nas, Bow Wow, Mike Jones, Pretty Ricky and Fat Joe.


A.G. is making monumental moves. He is pounding the trail, and since music is embedded in his soul, his vocal infested veins allow his distinct voice to reach a lyrical-caliber comparable to few and untouchable by none. Even though he has the pretty eyes, all should keep their eyes on A.G.




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