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I began my dream for rapping in my 7th grade class under the rap name "Outlaw". I formed a rap clique called G-Mob. With a nice foundation for entertainment we performed for our peers daily and the school grew to love our musical talent. After a while the support dissolved and everybody was on their own. Two years later a fellow G-Mob memeber by the name of D.I.M.( Pablo Lopez) hit me up to record a track with him. So I go reconnect with my guy and we lay a track down called "All BLack Fit". The hood loved the song and I was gettin mad support. But the thing is I was using and sayin so much profane things that I couldnt allow the people who can help me progress hear it. So about a year I was puttin out undercover songs...avoiding most listeners. Then after a while Pablo and I fell off and then I connected with my brother Cooley Cash and started recording under Complexx4 Rebelz...that was probally the biggest mistake of my young career. Cash wanted to control what I said and who I was...but under the time I sent with him we recorded some nice quality tracks such as.."one of a kind", "I want You", and many more. So when I finally came to my senses I stopped kicking it with Cooley cash and X2da4 (complexx4 rebelz) and started to begin a good foundation under KBN records. When I teamed up with J-Billa and KBN I was given the freedom to say and do as I wanted with my music...and with that freedom I progressed further than I ever could have thought in that short anmount of time. So when I was settled into KBN dats when the Midcoast Media War exploded..Im not going to get to far in that area but long story short...we fought and we destroyed. But in this event people started to realize I wasnt the sdame lil rapper from a year ago. So now with a lil rep I was ready to start my own mixtape. After a few months I dropped my first solo mixtape called The BLack Out. This mixtape so to show my musical talent and to let people and my listeners know where I was as an artist. the Mixtape got much love but the only thing I hated was people comparing me to "Bow Wow" and to me thats a real insult. I flow to good for dat and I spit to much real things to even fit in that catergory. So after the BLack Out I started to work on a project with my cousin Budd and we dropped a nice mixtape called Gemini: Progression of War. This mixtape didnt turn out the way i thought it would because I really couldnt come up with no new rhymes at the moment...but i pulled my weight and let my cuzin get his time to shine. So after that mixtape I started to work on another solo mixtape, this one called Hood Authority. The goal behind this mixtape was to rep my hood and let my land know they arent forgotten. So when that drop be looking out for dat. Also so Im dropping one for the ladies called "April 24th" I'll update yall about that later.......T.B.C.

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City: Chicago
Country: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Illinois (IL)

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eminem, kanye west, ne-yo, jay-z

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Total Plays: 87
Total Streams: 87
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Total Page Views: 2,945

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