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Darius Burgan Aka Blu L was born in Cleveland, Ohio on December 23. When he was 5 he had a little band in his backyard using trash cans, tree twigs, and a broken basketball rim. Then one day once he was done with his homework he turned on the TV and seen some rockstars on TV and wanted to become a rockstar and then 5 minutes later he seen lil wayne on TV and seen how everybody was cheering for him in the crowd and Darius eyes lit up like the light at the end of a tunnel. So then he starts listening to 107.9 radio and had learned how to work cassettes, so then he started to record songs off of the radio.

He started taking them to school and would give his cassettes to his friends to listen to. About two years later at age 7 he wrote his first verse. He was assigned a writing assignment but instead of writing words over and over and over again his teacher told him to write a poem about summer time. He wrote it in the form of a rap song it was ok.......................naw it was the worst thing ears could hear but he liked it.

3 years later at age 10 he had started writing verses and they were getting better and better so people in school would make beats with pencils for him to rap to. Everybody started telling his little friends he could rap and the exact words he said "I feel famous." When he noticed that people liked his raps he created his first rap name. It was D-man and people started to like him even more. Then at age 12 he had his first talent show at his school Gracemount Elementary School. He and his rapping buddies were doing a show for the talent show "Christmas Jam" it was still jake but they liked it. He still remembers the chorus it was "Christmas Jam I Love To Be Home With my Fam On The Table It Was Always Some Ham Some Collard Greens Some Mac And Cheese And If Someone Wanted Something They Would always Say Please."

Then one year later he was addicted to music. He couldn't stop listening to music, he had to do his homework to music, watch TV to music, and eat dinner to music, just about everything. He learned a little bit more about music and used it in his everyday life. He had a computer a year later a $10 dollar microphone and the program sound recorder which came with the computer and made one song and listened how it didn't sound right to him.

He didn't have any microphone presence he was so used to doing live performances that he didn't know how to record. So he kept trying and still couldn't find the voice that he needed. So he stops for a while after getting aggravated. But then people started dissin his rap name so he changed it from D-Man to Blu L.

He changed his name to Blu l cause he was always told to make it don't be like everybody else so that's why he changed it to that. Then started back in the end of 2007 and made his first song in a while "I'm Fresh" people was feeling his song for a little while but he still wasn't satisfied with his microphone presence.

Then he made two hit songs "You Crazy" and "Do Dat J Walk" in 2008 that he was satisfied with. How did this 5 year old backyard rockstar become a studio owning student? He says "Hard work and motivation." Lots of people were telling him to quit rapping and just produce but he refuses to listen he believes that practice makes perfect so If he practice he will be perfect.

Until now he just looks for reviews and comments on his music so he can learn how to make it better.

***Be great not good***

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