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CashBook Clique a group of fascinating individuals was born in late 2008. The group consists of three individuals, Dwayne “Keez” Valentine, Andrew “Bin-Law” Sucragh and Ricardo “Scaffle”White.

The music performed by this trio can easily be described as a true blend of Dancehall Reggae and Hip Hop two of worlds leading genre’s of music. Since the formation of CashBook Clique in 2008 Bin-Law, Scaffle and Keez have employed their ingenuity and street smarts to establish for themselves a vehicle in the form of their very own record label (also registered in late 2008)Street Dream Records to get their music out to the public.
Operating from their home Base in Buff Bay Portland the group has been successful in putting out what they consider as their introduction to the music scene an album titled Ghetto Genesis Volume 2 which is presently being digitally distributed by CD and is being sold on Amazon, tunes and Rhapsody just to name a few.This the group considers to be a strong move as Ghetto Genesis Vol. 2 has had songs downloaded as far away as Japan and has gotten airplay from quite a few Radio stations and Podcasts in America and England, the most recent of these plays were on suffolk’n’ and

The most recent accomplishment for the group however was a review published in the July publication of Soundline Magazine an on line magazine based in Canada. In this review which can be viewed online by going to the group was commended for the way in which they brought the 2 genre’s of music that they do together while maintaining a Jamaican feel to their music. In addition to these accomplishments the group has recently done a music video for what they consider their title track “Street Dreaming” which has become a fixture on local channels in Portland Jamaica and has been played quite a few times on RE TV. The trio of CashBook Clique are poised to do great things in the music industry at large and are working full time to see their dream of becoming a household name for music in Jamaica come through.

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