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These days its hard out here for a rapper. Being lyrical is not enough. You have to make up the complete package. You have to look the part, act the part, and be the part. The girls have to love you and the guys have to want to be you. You have to have that swagger, energy, attitude and talent all combined into the perfect package to make today's rap star. And thats exactly what Cashville's Local Legend "Charlie P" brings to the hip-hop world.

It's been two years since Charlie P dropped his debut "Local Legend" But the Tennessee Titan has kept himself relevant with show and album appearances galore. Now gearing up for his second album, Charlie P is more than prepared to show the world he's what they've all been waitin for.

Charlie P was born Charles Scales 23 years ago in Nashville, TN. He grew up strong, living with his single mother, youngest of four, a sister and two older brothers in Nashville, dubbed Cashville, Ten-A-Key. At 14 Charles moved in with his father and quickly learned the importance and value of a dollar hustling in Cashville to provide for himself. At the same time he began a new hobby: rapping, which soon became a major focus in the young entrepreneur's life. The Nashville hip-hop scene was just beginning to bubble and Charlie wanted to be apart of it.

By 2000 Charlie caught the attention of then growing independent powerhouse, Street Flavor Records. The new-jack spent the next two years recording with Street Flavor forming a group with three other members the "BURNAZ" which album featured the label's biggest star, Haystak, who had succesfully closed a record deal with the powerhouse, Koch Records.

Charlie and his group "Burnaz" released self title debut in 2002. Although the group moved an impressive number of units they broke up in 2004. Yet Charlie P has managed to rise above the occasion and continue to pursue his dream of being a succesful rap artist. After a year of underground buzzin and recording Charlie managed to take over the local scene in 2005 with the smash single "federal" wich caught the attention of Memphis, TN Bad Boy South's recording artist "8Ball" of platinum selling group 8Ball & MJG.

In 2006 Charlie dropped his official solo debut album "Local Legend" one of the most versatile, creative albums in the south, but with out proper marketing it remains one of the most innovating overlooked albums like so many in the music industry. Which brings Charlie P to his second effort.

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