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Too Short, PerceeP, Connie Price And The Keystones

newmusicpromoteadmin (05/28/08 16:40:14)   Tag: default
Too Short, PerceeP, Connie Price And The Keystones

May 28th 2008 - Stardate Log  Club Metro

Too Short, Percee P & Connie Price & The Keystones
Tour / Road Djay :
Dj Eleven

Star Rating
6 out of 10

I Caught wind of a event at the Metro thru another promoter last night on the 27th of may i was at home and getting some things done for my event on the 30th at the City Lights and he called me up we were bullshitting a bit and he said his friend just called him and said Too Short was performing in chicago but did not know the location. So after doing a couple searches i seen he was performing at the Metro (5 blocks from where i live).

I must say for a Old School Hiphop Artist of that nature he would have ALOT more promotions and Buzz Especially with a Free Event by Scion, it was Very Under the Radar in alot of aspects so i am not sure if they wanted it that way due to the massive turnout it would have caused or well if they just wanted it to be mostly word of mouth. We will never know really.

So i cruised on down to the Metro and it was a FREE Event so i got inside and hung out a bit, took some photos and then i met one of Too Shorts bodyguards i belive it was so i got Backstage and met the band (yeah Too short has a live band this tour).

First i talked to Percee P i checked him in the lobby before going backstage to take some photos and meet the actual band for Too short, he was really cool we talked for a good 30 minutes about his career and music, he has been around since 1988 give or take, not bad. The cool thing about Percee was he was out meeting his fanclub and selling his product he did not just perform and bounce type of thing he is really down to earth and well he allowed me to put one of his songs from his cd on the website here so yall will hear one of his new tracks (coming soon).

Backstage i talked to Connie Price & The Keystones they are a very laid back group out of california (los angeles) this is their second show with Too Short and they got 2 more on this tour the next stop is Columbus Ohio, then they are off to Saint Louis Missouri so yall look out for them. You can check them out online at

So anywho back to the backstage, so then i talked to Too Short for a brief few minutes since he was really busy with as you know "the bitches" so we got his attention for a Short minute and i snapped off a couple photos and also as well shaked his hand and well let him get back to his own thing, met his Body Guard really cool dude i must say and thanks for letting me come back and take the photos and meet the band.

My Conclusion : I really do think they need to work on the promotions part a bit since it was really a unknown event, and i usually know Everything thats going on that has to do with any talent to some degree, but i found out about this the same night not even 30 minutes after 10PM yeah i think they really need to talk to Scion about doing some Radio Advertisement or more advertisement online with music sites that cature to chicago. Thats why i gave the event a 6 out of a 10 since the show was great but the promotions sucked nothing personal against scion or metro but i do belive it should have had more Buzz going on.
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