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The Motown Era!
Detroit, MI
Born June 27, 1961, David J. Bembry

Online since the big independent music revolution that started in the 90’s, Chivalry celebrates 10 years online with his “Ultimate Collection of R&B Love Songs – Serenade.” This compilation includes Chivalry’s best and several newly released tracks. 18 in all! “Chivalry” is a solo soul studio artist, writer, producer and publisher, Chivalry sings from the heart and sets the mood for love like no other! His ultimate goal is to extend that ever elusive “Enchanted Moment.”

“I was fortunate in that I remember a lot of the Motown originals because they were right there in the neighborhood. I always appreciated the diversity and quality of the artists from that era.”

The music is just a natural part of me. My recordings occur like this. I write a piece of music, put the headphones on, turn on the mic and see what the song has to say. Once I get to the end of a song, that’s basically the finished recording. No re-recording. I mix it and that’s that. It’s natural. When I write music, it’s a feeling. After I’ve completed a song, if I do want to re-record a part I have to listen to it and learn it because I have no idea of what I played. My lyrics I never write down and I never forget. I think that that’s odd myself but if I were to try and plan and think a song, nothing will happen. As far as my playing skills go, I write music and that’s it. I am in no way a musician. I taught myself to play by writing. I did in fact grow up singing in a group and taught myself to play drums at age 10 and played in a band until the age of 16 after which I found myself on my own.

I’ve been a single parent for the past 8 years, after spending 20 years in a marriage. I have 5 children ages 13, 17, 23, 24 and 26. I now also have 5 grandchildren! Being a single parent and dealing with teenagers and young adults takes its toll along with trying to deal with my Bembry Entertainment Group and of course my full-time job at LMU. I wouldn't have it any other way! There's never enough time and trying to balance everything is a trick at best. I guess it's just that I love people in general and my life affords me constant contact with heartfelt relationships with many people, most of all my children. I’ve resided in Los Angeles now for just under 25 years.

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