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Very few DJs have the ability for crowd appeal like Jim Lewis. For decades, Jim has weaved everything from fierce upbeat vocals to dark progressive house always including sensual tribal rhythms as well! He has never disappointed an audience because he not only knows his people, he does his research. Most people that have experienced Jim Lewis spinning in a club describe his style as 'clinically insane' and 'mind-blowing.'

But, it's actually Jim's attention to detail that is almost disturbing. What friends and club patrons alike don't realize is that days, often weeks in advance, he consciously & collectively stores information & the most minute details of conversations & observations. And, the moment he spots his 'targets' on the dancefloor, he aims & fires at them-- his ammunition-- a song that tells their story. Countless times I have seen people gasp, scream & grab their faces staring into the DJ booth. But trust me; with his back turned- face expressionless-- while endlessly flipping through vinyls & CDs, he IS grateful for his gift-- the ability to touch & inspire ALL in this magical triad- The DJ, The Music, & Me......

This is what the 'Club Experience' is ALL about. The relationship between a resident DJ & his following (dancers) is somewhat paternal. Yet, unlike a parent, the DJ observes & shares their energy while never being judgemental-- leading the child on a journey.

Most of Jim's following began at Pegasus in Pittsburgh, Penn., where he not only held a 6 year residency, he served as the musical director. After moving to Chicago, he became the Musical Director at 
MANHOLE & resident DJ(5 yrs)- which later became Hydrate- where he continued a residency for 2 years. Other clubs in the Chicago area where Jim has worked would include: SPIN, CROBAR, HUNTERS, FUSION, CELL BLOCK,CIRCUIT,EXCALIBER,GIRL BAR, BOY BAR,& GIRL BLAST. Jim has also graced the boards at: MARKET DAYS Chicago's annual street fair (1999 to 2003) FIREBALL Hearts Party (2002, 2003 and 2004), JACKHAMMER (2004 and 2005), COCKTAIL on Halsted Street, DOMAIN (2003), TOUCHE New Years’ Eve (2005-2006),TWIST- Miami (2 YEAR RESIDENT)  & SCORE (LINCOLN ROAD- South Beach).
Most recently, Jim appearred on NYE of 2009 in Monterrey, Mexico at the famous 'Parking' club.

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Country: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Illinois (IL)

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Total Plays: 397
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