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I was Born in Portland ME.  My mother re-married, and I became a Navy Brat at the age of six.  We moved all over the country.  Maine, Rhode Island, Charlston, SC, Pensacola FL, North Chicago, IL, Nashville, TN, I went to High School in Chicago, and Here at PEARL COHN.... SUP to all my FIREBIRDS!!  Then I joined the Navy and served in the Persian Gulf along side of my step father on the USS Sacramento (AOE-1), While living Near Seattle, WA.  I was Married and Divorced and I have a beautiful daughter named Paige, who is like 16 now.  I started driving a Tractor Trailer after the Navy, and I stopped here in Nashville to meet my current wife Rose.  We have a handsome son named Noah. Nashville, is where I call Home now.


I started Listening to Chicago HOUSE MUSIC back in 1987, and was Hooked right away. (B-96, WBMX, and WGCI)
I bought my first turntables at a Salvation Army, so I could practice Scratching.
I've been working with vinyl since 1989 off and on. (Not proffessionally)
I got my first computer back in 1998 and started editing music and tracks.  I started creating mixes, and got pretty good at it.
A friend of mine, Todd Ingal, asked me to DJ his wife Camille's 50th Birthday Party of 150 people or more.
I agreed and DJ'ed off my Computer.  I hooked into the amplification system of the keyboard player hired to play dinner music.
It went off without a Hitch.
I was asked for my card afterwards, and I told everyone I was not a proffessional DJ.
Everyone told me I should be.
So I decided, "Yeah......I really should be......"

I bought my first Speakers and Amp at a Pawn Shop.   A Peavey CS - 800 and a pair of StudioPro speakers. (usually found at Rent-A-Centers)
I DJ'd for FREE at a Mexican Restaurant called El Pueblo in Smyrna TN for about 6 Months.
It was a friend of ours who just opened it, and the business was going under.
My music brought the place alive, and he has since bought and opened a second Restaurant.
I couldn't really do any wrong, if I just played what the people wanted to hear.  I learned quickly, the power of playing requests.....  If I didn't have it.....I got it.
Needless to say my inventory of  Musica de Espanol es Mucho Grande.  I also did Spanish Karaoke......Ya'll Try that one with No Spanish Lessons.
I gained Much Respect from all my listeners.
I played two other mexican restaurants, and included a KID's Night.

After about 8 months, I started at LIZZI'S GRILLE in Antioch, TN.
January of 2006, I started from scratch.  No Crowd, No Advertisements, except a banner on the building.  I turned an ordinary restaurant into a small hip hop night club in about 3 months.  People always talk about those days, and how much fun we had.

I DJ'd CLUB 615 In Nashville, TN One of the Biggest Clubs in the City of Nashville.  Made famous of course by Young Buck. I played my Videos on a 100 Sq. Ft. Screen on the Dance Floor.

Next I DJ'd @ CLUB ZEN In Madison, TN, Saturday Nights and also played my VIDEOS on the Dance floor.  People really like the videos, and it's becoming more and more popular with the DJ's that wanna keep up.

After that I was at TOWNLEY'S Bar and Grill, in Smyrna TN The Videos were a Big Hit, and I did my best to make everyone happy.  I tried to stick with what made me successful in the first place, and that was to play my requests.  We played 80's and 90's on Friday Nights, and top 40 on Saturday Nights.....Too bad things didn't work out.  I've been told it's not the same without me......  Thanks ya'll.

Currently I Drive an Hour and 15 Minutes to a Huge Club in Clarksville, TN Called KICKERS.  I DJ upstairs at the Locomotion Lounge.  I Brought Videos to the Club for the First Time Ever, and They said they will never have it any other way.  They Love it!  I'm very happy working there.  They are good people.


Thanks For Reading.

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City: Nashville
Country: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Tennessee (TN)

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80's Classic Chicago Freestyle House Music

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Total Plays: 227
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