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In June 1982, with songs like "Planet Rock”, & Holiday ", and artists like RUN DMC and Michael Jackson dominating the airways, a 15 year old Bernard Batey walked into a local bar in the city of Providence, Rhode Island to chat with a longtime family friend, and the bar's DJ, about playing his upcoming 16th birthday party. What ended up happening was while the friend was trying to talk to his girlfriend, Bernard filled in for him. Fueled by his overwhelming love for music of all genres, and bitten by the DJ bug, he began helping his friend at the bar, and other mobile functions. During this time he was doing an internship at a local college radio station that played R&B and Soul music on Sunday afternoons, which was not authorized by the high school he was attending at the time. "Radio was what I always wanted to do," says Bernard. "I was tailor made for music, and yeah, I somewhat feel that music was tailor made for me". He goes on to say, "My mother once told me that she figured that one day I'd do something with music because when I was a baby, the only way to get me to sleep, was to put a little radio in my crib. I found that funny because to this day, I usually cannot get to sleep without the radio or TV". In the years to follow, Bernard began to branch out and get to work with other club DJs, and by 1983, he became a bonafied nightclub DJ. By 1991, DJ Bernard Batey had played most of the top clubs in Providence, RI. The pinnacle for him at that time was when he was the DJ for comedian Chris Rock during a show held in RI. That year, he decided it was time to make a change. "I felt like I had done all I could there at the time, so I just packed up and left for the West Coast".

He moved to San Jose, CA, and took a short break from the industry, or as he puts it, "I had to decide on whether or not I wanted to be a DJ anymore, because I just wasn't feeling it". After encouragement from a friend and fellow jock, he jumped back in full force. In less than two short years, he was working at local clubs, and an active member of the SOBAD Record Pool. "I could not believe it. Here I was, real nightclubs in both San Jose and San Francisco playing real music, and my very first record pool membership. Life was good". Then after one more hiatus from late 1994 to early 1996 to run a Limousine service, he rejoined SOBAD, and within two years, he became the pool's Director. Not to mention forming his own business, ELN Entertainment, which allowed him to produce mixes for SOBAD’s website, and numerous club and mobile functions around the Northern California area. "ELN stands for Exquisite Limousine Network. It was a couple of partners and myself, and we had a decent business. Our biggest account was a promoter who booked all of the Urban shows the came to the Bay Area like Boyz II Men, Patti LaBelle, Babyface, and Puff Daddy, just to name a few. When I first joined SOBAD, I didn't take it seriously, so I was **** out for a while. Trying to run Limos, it didn't concern me when I wasn't spinning anymore, but I'm back".

Now known as Bernard Miller and changing his DJ name from "DJ Bernard Batey" to "DJ Spinbad" in 1994. In 2001, not only did Bernard go through a painful divorce, he was forced to change his jock name yet again, this time to something that as other jocks, and club goers put it, “fits him perfectly”. "As of September 2001, the name is now "DJ Mixx", although my colleagues still continue to call me "Spinbad" because they say that it's me. I received an e-mail in September of that year from a "DJ Spinbad" whom from what I didn't know, is Moby's DJ, and is famous the world over, or so I hear. If I'm not serviced with it, and it doesn't have a name on it, then there's a chance that I don't know you, because I don't shop for much music, and I don't buy mixtapes, unless it's house and someone I know, and/or like. In late 2003, Bernard resigned as SOBAD's Director. He continued held residencies with both StageOne Presents Inc. and PDM Enterprises; two San Jose, CA based promotions groups, and still continues to play clubs from Seattle, Washington to Providence, Rhode Island. In March 2004, he added Winter Music Conference, Miami Beach to his extensive resume. In 2004, Mixx took on a business partner, who also acts as business manager, and they renamed the company “In Tha Mixx Entertainment”. “I wanted to remove any reminders of my past business life that may have included my ex-wife, and she was a part of ELN. Yes I'm still here, kickin' ****, takin' names, and no prisoners, and I’m not going anywhere.

Giving entire credit for all of his success to GOD, DJ Mixx lives and breathes music and it shows when he steps up to the decks. His knowledge of music is wide based. From Old School to Hip-Hop to House music, and many other genres also, his skills are known coast to coast, and a few places in between. If you get the chance to hear him spin, DON'T MISS IT!!!!!

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City: Providence
Country: AMERICA NORTH: USA: California (CA)

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George Clinton, Earth Wind & Fire, Quincy Jones, Teddy Riley, Dr DRE

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Total Plays: 165
Total Streams: 160
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