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I was born and raised in Memphis, TN.

I was drawn to music being played in the house by my father and other family members @ an early age.

I was introduced to hip-hop between 1982-1983 when my mother brought home the 12” single of Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force’s “Planet Rock”.

From there, my interest in music evolved to include all genres of music, including the history of Memphis Music (Soul, Rock, Blues, etc.).

I graduated from high school in 1996, then joined the Navy in the fall of the same year.

From there I served 4 years, and had the chance to see different countries like Spain, Brazil, Panama, South Africa, & many others.

I got into Djing when I moved to Northwest Arkansas in 2002. I saw that the area was growing and it gave me an idea to start participating in some form of entertainment.

So I took a chance in becoming a DJ.

I started working with a well known mobile & radio DJ named Mike Chase. He owned a company called the Extreme Dance Machines.

I worked and was taught about how to work the crowds on different occasions, such as weddings, school functions, etc.

Then that carried over into learning how to DJ with turntables and working in clubs in 2004.

I even started a buzz when Phil Mason, an owner of Skillz Unlimited Barbershop, wanted to be different by having DJS to come on the weekends to DJ for him and his customers.

And 'til this day, I still spin up there every other weekend.

In the process, I started making mixtapes including the mixtape series “R&B and Hip-Hop”, “Bedroom Expressions”, and the most popular of all “Street Frequency”.

Then, 2005 I met an up & coming hip-hop group called SoundChild Crew & became their official DJ until the fall of 2007. (They won "Indy Artist Of The Year" @ the 2008 Southern Ent. Awards.)

I’ve DJ a lot of college parties, popular clubs, concerts, and private parties throughout Northwest Arkansas, University Of Arkansas, and the surrounding areas.

I was nominated for Radio DJ (Mixer) Of The Year at the 2006 Southern Entertainment Awards.

Now, I’m looking to do bigger and better things to become the first major DJ to represent the state of

I’m looking to help break artists, such as SoundChild Crew, from this state as well.

Recently, I became a member of a local DJ Crew called "Enfamous Entertainment", which consists of DJ Rev (a member of Rated X Squad DJs (XM 67-The City), DJ Soldier (a member of Hustle Squad DJs), DJ Hurtem, and DJ InfamOus. (


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City: Memphis, Tn.; Fayetteville, Ar.
Country: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Arkansas (AR)

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Total Plays: 76
Total Streams: 35
Total Downloads: 41
Total Page Views: 3,284

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