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A Kansas native, DJ Richy is one of the youngest mainstream talents and has become the future prospect in the DJ industry. As one of the hottest On Air and DJ talents, he is expanding his brand far beyond his boundaries!

DJ Richy, Richard Smart, started his career as a freshmen doing high school house parties and small events. At the age of 17, he began to intern for the urban radio station KSJM 107.9 Jamz. After a year of interning, he began to intern for the urban radio station KSJM 107.9 Jamz. After a year of interning, he began a position as an employee. During this time, he started to do the weekend mixes for the station. As his craft started to get attention, DJ Richy started mixing for clubs and venues that he would have not been able to attended if he weren't the DJ. Three months after becoming an employee, he became the weekend air talent. Due to format changes and new ownership, 107.9 Jamz close its doors. Still doing events, venues, and clubs DJ Richy keep working his craft. Almost a year later, he got a new position as the night talent for KDGS Power 93.9 where he resides currently.

"Expanding horizons creates more opportunities," says DJ Richy. He plays a vast variety of genres ranging from 70's funk to electro & house, 80's pop to country, and of course Hip-Hop and R&B. "One of the most important rules as a DJ is to please the crowd! So it's a must, to play for the audience and NOT YOURSELF!" DJ Richy uses this mentality which has made him a crowd pleaser.

He has recently produced mix-tapes to add to his repertoire. This now makes him a triple treat. DJ Richy can not only rock the house with his DJ skills, but he is also an exciting Air personality and now a producer. DJ Richy expresses, "I first wasn't interested in doing mix-tapes because of the lack of effort I’ve seen from current mix-tapes, but now I am going to produce, remix songs and do some compilations with different artist. NOT THAT BOOTLEG INTERNET DOWNLOADING CRAP EITHER!"

So young and yet making so many moves, there is definitely a bright spotlight gleaming on him. Music is what DJ Richy knows; therefore it's what he does and he does it very well. So in the words of DJ Richy, “If you don't know... GETTA CLUE!!!”

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