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This story starts in Hemingway, SC where I first got my radio training at WLGI, Radio Baha'i in 1987.  I had an opportunity to earn my radio license in exchange for some volunteer time and I took advantage of it.  I feel in love with feeling of being on air and communicating to thousands of people at once through my the messages in the music (Radio Baha'i* only plays positive music with no profanity nor lyrics that suggestive, violent, or encourages behavior that is not beneficial to society). 

I then went to college at Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, Alabama.  In between studying my engineering curriculum, I met some guys that were turntable djs.  I have always been intrigue by this artful of manipulating music with your hands.  They took me under their wing and I learn the way of the turntablist.  I started playing in front of crowds and discovered what a rush that is!  I learned the way to play for crowds and keep them dancing and hyped up from watching other djs and then putting my own spin on it to make it my own.  I got a Friday-Saturday night gig weekly at the local college club called The Atmosphere.  It packed about 1800 people and that was really cool to play to a crowds that included people from all over.

 I started making a buzz among clubs and getting requests for events.  Back in those days, my dj name was "DJ Johnny G" and when I got back in Carolina after leaving Alabama, I changed it to DJ Scorpio.  I started making my way around to different clubs in the area, making a name for myself.  I got a residency at a club in Lake City, SC called Club Lexus; I had every Friday and Saturday night unless a guest DJ came in.  We had DJ Prince Ice out of Columbia come in ever so often to spin...just for variety-  He is one bad man on the one's and two's.  I used to listen to him on The Big DM before I learned the game.  He had a mixshow called Club 101 that was off the chain!  He and I are really tight.  

I do quite a few wedding receptions, reunions, birthday parties and other private events.  I also have played for quite a few clubs and always got a invitation to come back.  I'm not bragging...just a fact.  My music selection based on my ability to read a crowd and my mic game is on point!  So if you looking for experience and it is!

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Country: AMERICA NORTH: USA: South Carolina (SC)

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DJ Jazzy Jeff, The X-Men, Rakim, KRS-1,

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Total Plays: 389
Total Streams: 351
Total Downloads: 38
Total Page Views: 7,932

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