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D.N.A Boiiz originated in April 2009, who inspired them to rap was their big brother Maui Jr. D.N.A Boiz are only 14 years old and they are seeking to reach out and be heard, just because rapping is what they love to do. Except for Tzz, he raps and sings! Each member has their own individual style which makes them stand out together as one, and that is what they are..... D.N.A Boiiz!

Arturo, Real name: Nicholas White born December 26th, 1996

Tzz, Real name: Montez Mccoy born February 20th, 1997

Drew Mane, Real name: Andrew Johnson born October 24th, 1996

Prince Keem, Real name: October 31st, 1997

Because of their age difference between other kids it is a bit hard trying to get them to perform places like teen clubs and open mic night. Hopefully from networking and hearing them on the radio more on Power 98 fm, people will be interested in having them perform at parties, clubs, and events of all types. Check out their spotlight as Teen Talent: http://power98fm.radio.com/2011/11/08/teens-with-talent-tuesday-4/

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Maui Jr

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