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The story of my life can never be told in a couple of paragraphs or pages, but for the sake of this i'll try. I was born in South Central VA in a town called South Boston to the best people any person alive could call parents. I grew up in Keysville, VA but at age 5 moved to Saxe, VA where i would spend da next 18 yrs. Growing up i loved sports especially football which i played for many years, but wat moved me the most was music. Music i heard from my parents generation and at the time the music of my generation hiphop. Hiphop was always my first love because i felt it was and is a movement that is shaping th world. I started off being tought a lil sumthing about music from my Uncle Louis, R.I.P. Lou Will, on the saxaphone an piano, none of which i ever really caught on to, then i tried out playin the trupmpet in th band and eventually the drums. After high school i didn't do much music cuz because of other things, but i knew that i wanted to have my own business in music. From their I hooked up with DJ Rikki D and my 1st artist Manny. We recorded numerous tracks wit me just kinda playin da managerial role but wanting to be more involved just not knowing where to start. One day my homeboy, Shaun came thru wit a drum machine he had borrowed from one of his boyz and i begin making drum beats, from there i went out and bought a synthisizer and a couple mics and a mixer and set a small recording area out in a shed behind my house known as da "Studio Barn". Then calling the name of my label Down South Entertainment or DSE before changing it to its current state of MAG-9INE Entertainment we recorded numerious tracks and a couple of my artist even won and were retired into the hall of fame on K 97.5 in NC. That was what we all thought was our point of no looking back and finally getting out shot in da music industry but it didn't happen dat way. I was waist deep in da streetz and it was conflicting wit my music, my family and my recording. So i had to kinda fall out of the up and coming spotlight to avoid not ever being able to do it again. I then moved out to VA BEACH, finished college and regrouped with my old team from back home slowly finding ways for them to get out here where i was. Through various means my production skills went from 0 to 60 in a little less than a year, and so did my lyrical skills. My family was always supportive of my music, two people in particular was my mom, Mrs. Bernardine B. Forrest and my sister, Mrs. Nakisha Lacks Wynn, both who passed away Feburary 16th 2005. Forever there words of wisdom and guidance will be with me. I do this music **** not only for myself but for my family, my people. MAG-9INE Entertainment is about to introduce to the world hiphop at its best, not stuck on flashy jewelry and hoes, but on real day everyday events!!!!

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City: VA Beach
Country: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Virginia (VA)

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Total Plays: 446
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