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"PLAY BINGO"- I Though I Needed a Little DIVERSE in a song - So I Used My Style Of Profession and a Topic of Love In a "COCKTAIL PARTY" state of Mind - and the Concept was to get a lady to finally Love me - in a Mature manner. "PARTY ON THE MOON"- FUTURISTIC CLub Track, My Producer 5th Son Heard Dat And Though It was Clinically INSANE - It's about Partyin' While Your high on ANY DRUGZ AND ALSO FLY

"I Like It ft. Paypa Boi"-This Is a Futuristic Type Club Song - That'll Have Your Ear Wanting More- It's Soothing and Bouncy featuring my Cousin Paypa Boy "DO IT BIG"- This is my favorite song of All Time- It's a song telling You If You Gon' Do Somethin'... anything ... Then DO IT BIG -" "Wat you think in your mind, and articulate from your mouth, becomes manifestation of reality" - it's an inspiring Song that is Radio Ready and contains an Incredible Beat

I'm Bout' Money:Featuring my cousin Paypa Boi- 1st of all we been rappin' togetha since I was 10 and he was 8- he has a unique style, we are workin' on a mixtape right now,This is a Street Banga- from da heart- Inspirational Grind Mode Song I Am the Voice Of Many People and Things my Type- I want to be an inspiration to generations after mine, and set positive trends to kids and show them there are better opportunities to following dreams - by living my dream although I'm Not Famous- I do It How I want as long as I'm local. I'm influenced by a lot of music and genres that use vocal expressions- But I was 1st influenced by DMX, Nelly, BowWow, Juvenile, Ja'Rule- Then after Lil'Jon Came Wit CRUNK music that just gave me motivations to rap on a Crunk beat- but I wrote my first rap when I was 10 years old and made it my 1st priority to do music before anything

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City: Twin Cities
Country: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Minnesota (MN)

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Total Plays: 446
Total Streams: 356
Total Downloads: 90
Total Page Views: 5,296

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