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DJ Reggie Regg

Detroit's DJ Reggie Regg is hammering the audience with music whose pulse has the force of a freight train and more hooks than a fishing derby. Applying his talent to the sweet, smooth grooves of R&B and the dance mastery of house and hip-hop, DJ Reggie Regg is a talent whose presence is bound to make the music industry take notice. His music fills the room and his personality captivates the listener with wicked vocal stylings.

Who Needs Prozac?

To hell with antidepressants. If you want a boost, get it the same way DJ Reggie Regg does. He just immerses himself in his music. And you can do the same. "Music makes me feel energetic and happy," he says. "It takes me on a journey." Not only will this DJ's captivating music take you away from your daily ills, it will transport you to another place entirely, a realm of pure passion and grooves.

The Feed

It's the continual synergy between artist and audience: The Feed. The audience feeds off of the artist and the artist gets it right back. It's a beautiful connection that is the monopoly of the power of music. And it's the source of inspiration for DJ Reggie Regg. The feel of The Feed, that spark of energy, that sublime back and forth between artist and listener – that's what drives DJ Reggie Regg. "I get inspired by the crowd and myself."

The Artist at Work

DJ Reggie Regg has opened for 112, Puff Daddy, R. Kelly, Eve, Chingy, DJ Paris and the Black FU, Travis Tritt, RevRightTime and others. Gigs for DJ Reggie Regg include the World Electronic Music Fest in Toronto, the Detroit Electronic Music Fest and a Prince album release party. He's received a certificate from and is at work on his new EP "Back With a Vengeance." DJ Reggie Regg is working with A&R Select, the leading indie A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.

"DJ Reggie Regg sinks the hooks in deep." – A&R Select

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Country: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Michigan (MI)

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