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Yo Yo! whats up everybody?! Let me just start by telling you all about me.. I started my own underground record lable around 5 years ago called "UTB" "The Untouchable Records" based out of the southside of Chicago in a city dubbed as haterville its hard to come up (I figuered the best way to get my name out there is to do it myself.) We just teamed up wit Kriminal Inc. to put out a mixtape entitled "Nightmare on Your Street" feat. Music from myself, Cynical, Kriminal, Nine one and others supporting this midwest movement cause it just aint as strong as it should be, As for me, I been a dj for about 7 years. Im a studio as well as a battle dj. I've entered and won my share of battles, put out 4 mixtapes of various types that range from dance, to rap. I love all kinds of music but I mainly spin house music, Classic house, hard house, Hip Hop, Rap and Juke. Now when i aint with the crew im at the home studio working on pretty much EVERYTHING, from writen raps, to scratching, mixing and whatever else i can get my mind and hands on. I Know i dont like everything but i almost do lol. I try to stay busy making stuff for everybody not just one group, so i try to reach everyone that feels the same as me wen i make music thats why if you notice i have a bunch of differrent genres  of music in my playlist of mixes. Now some might not understand but the key thing is others will. SO IF YOU LIKE WHAT YOU HERE HIT ME UP LET ME KNO HOW U FEEL AND WHAT YOU THINK. MUCH LOVE to my music lovers! the ppl who would rather have somthing to play music on then a t.v to watch... LOL


The Untouchable SOUND.- Dj Sound

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City: Chicago
Country: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Illinois (IL)

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Total Plays: 507
Total Streams: 348
Total Downloads: 159
Total Page Views: 6,872

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