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DJ Deadly..... This is the area where i write some stuff about how GREAT i am and How many BIG names in the Industry i've worked with and how long i've been in the game.. Basically just try to convince you that i am on top of my game and im just too Cool for School! ALL While writing it in a way that it sounds as if it aint me writing it, like i've got an assistant or someone writing a bio for me!!?? WTF?

Anyone reading this and thinking "cool, this guys a DJ" just remember im just like YOU.... In saying that i mean that what ever i've achieved in my life YOU can do it too.. There is nothing stopping you but your own imagination, so picture yourself being the king, picture yourself touring the world, Picture yourself living it up... Because if you can picture it......YOU can become it! ------BUT..... STAY HUMBLE-------SHOW THE WORLD YOU CAN BE POLITE--------AND DON'T BE AFRAID TO SMILE------Being King of the hill is one thing... But having no one want you there is another ;-)------ And remember....----Your own Ego can be your biggest downfall

Keep an eye out for My 1st Mixtape "Welcome to Australia" Great tunes from not only well established artists but also some Great Talent from Local Australian artists too! Look at me and i am as you see me, no time for Ego's or people playin hard ball in an industry where we need to work together... "Dont focus on the Negatives about me coz you just might miss the Possitives" Thanks for your support!

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City: Melbourne
Country: AUSTRALIA-Oceania: Australia: Victoria

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