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It’s not often that you come across a brain child that has many talents in the music industry. Much less a brain child who is a Mixtape DJ. One such brain child is DJ Panic. Now let us run down his credentials real quick so you can understand why we call him a brain child. He is the official DJ for indie rapper DG Yola. And Panic specializes in two things. He is a Mixtape DJ and he is also a graphic designer. Probably one of the coldest graphic designers in the Midwest. He also owns a Mixtape DJ website called which is strictly a site that caters to Mixtape DJs.

You can’t service a record to pop up on somebody’s Mixtape and what I really like about this dude is his ability to stay true to the art form with out selling out. Mixbosses has not even been around a year and already he has close to 2000 Mixtape DJs on the website. When asked why did panic start this venture he stated that he wanted to create a social network platform for Mixtape DJs and also give them a home where they can be themselves and network. Aside from the fact he was nominated for SEA awards for Mixtape of the year and best skills on a Mixtape and Justo’s nominated him mid west Mixtape Dj of the year.

Among those things he is also owns a online magazine called Formula808,He is a member of the Core DJS, Hood Hard DJS and he owns a graphic design company called Stupidgfx. So we call him a real Mixxboss because he has so many things in the Mixx that you have to just recognize the talent

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