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Erin Ashley Cherwaiko

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Hey !

My name is Erin, I'm 18(on tuesday) years old from Ontario, Canada :)

I play guitar, piano, and drums, and sing. I've never taken lessons for any of these and I actually learn better if I teach myself. I write lyrics, and am just starting to complete them by turning them into full songs. It comes fairly naturally, and I love it. It relieves a lot of stress. If im having a bad day, I'll imediatly search for paper and a pen and just start writing, and I never really think its good until about the 10th time reading it over.

I just graduated highschool (FINALLY) and I'm off to Toronto for college in the fall. (for something completely un-music related lol)

But I do plan to take music courses possibly in night school in the fall, and hope to get into the music business within the next few years.

I do listen to all kinds of music, im very versitile that way. I find it a bit insulting when people tell me they don't like me just because of the music i listen to, or play. It does reflect the person I am, but in no way does it tell you who I am.

In my opinon, everyone has their own taste in music, and if you say you love music, you should love it as a whole, and respect all kinds. But that's just me.

Feel free to listen to some of my covers of well-known (and my favourite) songs, and read my lyrics which i will post in my blogs :)

Please let me know what you think, and visit my YouTube channel for the majority of the covers I've done, and I will be uploading a new batch of them every week :)

I really appreciate the feedback, so please..don't be shy :) <3

xoxo Erin Ashley.

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Country: AMERICA NORTH: Canada: Ontario

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Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, The Jonas Brothers

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