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Feeble Fetus started in 2005 as a Anarcho/Crust punk band making themselves known through little house shows locally around Riverside County. It consisted of Sabian Serade- Vocals/bass, Casey Chaos (Ex Guitarist/Bassist from Ryan Mudd & The Stuff on SOS Records (now known as Mk Ultra)) and Jeff Chasey- drums. After hitting house parties back and forth the band moved on to play in San Bernardino area and the Corona area playing at bars, coffee shops and the infamous, Showcase Theatre (with Black F ag, Ryan Mudd & The Stuff, Tuberculosis Boys and Kirby and the Hellraisers).

After a good solid year of jamming for fun the band recorded a low quality 2 disc demo called "Sketchy as ****!" which had these songs;

1. Loose Vagina

2. Camp Fema (Right after being recorded, they had this song for a bout a week until their computer crashed.) .

So the 2 disc demo ended up just being a Loose Vagina single.

The band continued to play house parties for about a year more until one day for no apparent reason they mentioned, the band was over. That was about mid-way through july 07.

A year after the break up Sabian discussed it with MK and decided to start the band over from scratch. Jeff was asked to join again but he left and went to another band called "Peter Puffington and the Rocketship Explosion". Once Feeble Fetus started up again, they started recording all their old songs but this time intertwining a whole mix of genres together;

 sludge/black metal/grindcore/pshchedelic/crust punk

and the new Feeble Fetus decided they wanted to be taking seriously, after recording about 5 tracks with a drum machine they ended up finding a drummer who was in another Murrieta local punk band called the "Street Rats" back in 2006. MK and Sabian got the new drummer, tried him out and he was in. His name, Max Rat. They started practicing about every week writing new material and then a friend/roadie of the band NicoDemon hopped on the band wagon. NicoDemon was never a full time member but more...well spare time. He was featured on "Enter This Deserted House" in the beginning and the later version to come out "Camp FEMA" doing a little bit of vocals. Their first show back in a year was headlining with ONEWAYSYSTEM (UK), BILLY CLUB (UK), Rikk Agnew's project "Poop" and The Bonzos out in the middle of nowhere...really (Apple Valley).

To this day they're working on a 2 disc ablum to come out by the end of 2009 called , "Enter This Deserted House" which will include songs of all sorts of different genres. The Album will be somewhat a story.

Once that is accomplished, they plan on recording the original/old songs and coming out with a 10 song Punk Rock CD.

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City: Murrieta, Ca
Country: AMERICA NORTH: USA: California (CA)

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Pink Floyd, Dystopia, Bongzilla, Sleep, Electric Wizard, Black Sabbath, Nausea, Antischism, Conflict, Crass, Rudimentary Peni, Leftover Crack, Mayhem, Dark Throne, Sea of Deprivation, Carcinogen, Ghoul, Haemorrhage, Dahmer, Mesrine...etc.

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