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. Well hell, where do I start ?  Full Throttle started in a little town called Fontana about 22 years ago. They moved to Salem, Oregon in the 80’s do to a  great friend, Mark Atkinson. Actually Scotty is from Salem, born and bred, but that’s another story. Frenchie was running around the west coast and met Scott in Oregon and talked him into moving to the L.A. area to try for a record deal. Seems pretty funny now. They were knocking around doing the club gigs and met up with some other guys that at the time were pretty much rivals. So as the friendship grew and many beers were drank they decided to join forces and see what would come of it,  after all it seemed like a great idea and they all had the same goals, drink beer and meet chicks. As a Band with everyone in place, that being, Scotty on Guitar, Keith on Guitar and singing, Danny on Drums, Kevin Reed on Bass, and Frenchie on Vocals. Life was good. Don’t get me wrong, they all sing !!!...well !!! so things were Rokin’ so to speak. The awesome lady Regina stepped in to help and things got even better. The L.A. thing wasn’t working,  you know all the guys looked like girls and …well you know. About that time Marky shows up from Oregon, his mom, who was so cool by the way, had just passed and left him a house. Things just fell into place, they packed what they needed and gave away what they didn’t, and moved to the N.W.  They started knocking on doors and ringing the phone off the hook, have I mentioned that everyone was a complete cartoon, very, very likeable and made friends everywhere they went. With that in tow they started playing the “A” circuit clubswhat a grind, they called it the Star of David Tour, you know, Anchorage  to Austin, Reno to Seattle,  Boise to San Francisco, the travel was hell and it started to grind em down. Lots of hotels and lots of ……..well you know. Kevin with all blessings left for the Dakotas to be around his parents. Keith and Scott just kinda wandered of in different directions, Danny and Frenchie stayed together and pieced together small gigs here and there. It sucked. After about a couple years they reunited with Keith, Danny, Frenchie, and Scott. Hell Mark even got back on board, they were doing small bars and clubs and having the times of there lives, after all it is about the music, right ? Devestation hit with a ton of bricks, Danny got cancer and passed away, the beloved brother who actually came up with the name was gone. Before he left he gave his blessing and handed over the sticks to Bobby Pamplin, a long time Oregon friend and awesome drummer. He and his wife fit in like they were always there, a true God Send. Thank You Danny. These days they all work hard at real jobs and cherish the times they get to play for people. As has been written and said many times, They look like there having “ So Much Fun “ and its true they really do.Enjoy the songs Brothers and Sisters and remember. “ Play and Do Everything like it’s the last time you get to “ because it just might


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