Guitar Sal - I Don't Want To Change My Life

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Song Name : I Don't Want To Change My Life
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Music & Lyrics: Sal Belloise

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Writtern by: Sal Belloise


Get out of my heart
Get out of my head
Get out of my life she said
Your standing way to near
So go on get out of here

I've been here before
I've given myself
Opened my heart up wide
It ended up on the floor
I won't do that anymore, she said

I don't want to change my life
Just when things were going right
My life is very safe in here
I don’t let nobody near
So go on and get out of here, she said

Get out of my house
Get out of my bed
Get out of my way she said
How can I make it clear?
Go on get out of here
Made up my mind
I'm not gonna change
I'm good on my own right here

Now either I face my fear
Or I'll get on out of here she said

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