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It's by pure luck that Stephane Alce aka Jemini has the opportunity to excel in the arts today. As an adolescent, Jemini's future seemed very uncertain because not many people, like himself, get the chance to make it from where he came. Being here and having been so successful in reaching all of his goals thus far, Jemini continues to set the bar high for himself. He is a multi-talented individual and it goes without saying that he is taking full advantage of his promising skills.

Jemini is an up-and-coming recording star that was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. At the tender age of 9, his eyes witnessed horror beyond imagination. Even having been in the center of chaos and terror, Jemini still managed to maintain his innocence by preserving his youth. It seemed out of sequence that a child can look so happy in the middle of death. It may be hard to believe but he feels that his past experiences are what makes him who he is today. "I've seen it all," said Jemini. "From torture to massacre; dudes killing innocent people in broad daylight, all of it. Still, I kept a positive attitude and lived. I never thought I'd be here though."

A year later, young Jemini got the ultimate opportunity to better himself. His mother played a lottery that drew her intermediate family as the winner of a full residency stay in the United States. After landing in Miami, it was there that Jemini was introduced to hip hop and R&B. "It didn't really hit me as something that I would be doing,'' he said. “I just remember listening to Boyz II Men and wondering how they were able to place so much emotion in one single song. All I knew was that I wanted to be a part of it."

Jemini moved to Brockton, Massachusetts a year after that and started experimenting with sounds and producing music as an after-school hobby. Jemini states, "I remember using a tape machine to record myself rapping. Even back then I didn't know what I was doing and how major this was going to be for me and my fam." During his years at Brockton High School, Jemini was introduced to the music of NAS. A friend gave him a couple of albums to listen to, and he has been hooked ever since. “NAS showed me a new way of approaching people and releasing my pain,” he explains. “I had a lot of that in me, so I began writing about my trials and tribulations. I started writing full songs and free-styling in hopes of reaching the people. It wasn't just a hobby anymore. Making music became my life.”

One day a staff member at Brockton High heard Jemini rapping over a beat he had made. It turned out to be Wayne Horton, also CEO of his own company, Mr. Wizard Records & Management. Jemini states, “Wayne became my Manager, and took me under his wing, teaching me everything I needed to know about making money in the music business.”

Soon, Jemini was performing all over Brockton. By the age of 19, he had appeared in several concerts. Jemini attended the New England Institute of Art where he really took advantage of the music making tools that the college offered. In just one semester, Jemini was producing, mixing, and recording his own music. "I teamed up with a couple of artists that I knew were serious and worked on a body of songs to hit the streets,” he remembered. “Soon enough, I was on mixtapes out here and producing heavy projects."

The Art Institute also introduced Jemini to a young Cincinati producer and engineer, Richard Max Raphael. "This dude's ear was out of this planet,” said Jemini. “He could pick up the smallest of sounds and when he went to work, you can tell that he was a perfectionist. I knew I had to mess with him." Max, as he would prefer to be called, became Jemini's production partner and they later on formed JamBeats; a production lab in Max's basement. Soon enough, Jemini and Max had enough material to present to the likes of Jim Jones. "We got on the internet and found the number to Jimmy's A&R and called him. We scheduled a meeting and went to New York."

Jemini used the knowledge that he gained from the Institute of Art to network his way up. He started passing out a demo to college radio stations and local Boston clubs. His demo featured a song that him and his partner stayed up all night producing. "Twirl It Around" became an instant club banger. Jemini states, "People were actually responding to it. I was shocked. Even though it was college radio and that the song was not even mastered, it gave me a great feeling to know that I had a buzz going." The buzz kept on growing and that's when Jemini, Wayne, and Max decided to really push the song. "I found out that my Acoustics professor, Jay Frigoletto, was a Grammy Award winning mastering engineer,” Jemini remembers. “That's when I approached and asked him if he wouldn’t mind mastering the song." Jay quickly agreed. “Twirl It Around” allowed the public to welcome Jemini and with that, he attacked them with his official single, “Where Do I Begin?” “I decided to produce and officially release something that was different…something that people can definitely relate to and “Where Do I Begin?” was the record that I thought would do that best.” He teamed up with local artists, Eternal- E and Genvieve and recorded this record at Surefire Studios in Lowell, MA. “Where Do I Begin?” is now spinning on the radios and can be found all over the web. Because of the buzz that occurred due to the local success of "Twirl It Around" and the recent release of “Where Do I Begin?,” Jemini became so heavy in the streets that other artists started asking for him to add a spark to their work. He has written and produced several tracks for most of the artists in and around Boston including another up-and-coming Rapper, Octavian for his album CD, “Judgement Day”.

In the Spring of 2007, Jemini graduated from The New England Institute of Art with an Associate of Science degree in Audio and Media Arts. Later on that year, he went on to perform with Octavian on a Northeastern Tour where he opened up for JR Writer at the Strand Theatre in Boston. "I love the Dip Set and my manager had introduced me to JR a while before the show, so I knew it was going to be a good vibe with him." In the Fall of 2007, Jemini also performed for a cause. "I did a show at UMass Dartmouth,” he said with excitement. “It was an AIDS Benefit Concert. I felt honored to perform at an event that stood for such an important cause."

Today, Jemini is constantly in and out of the studio, recording and producing the music for his debut release. Jemini started to laugh when stating, "I am a studio lab rat. Music is what I do and the people love me for it. I feel like I belong when I showcase my music. I thank God everyday for giving me this opportunity. To come here and do what I'm doing was unheard of when I was young. This gift is something that I will forever have and I pray that I can make a difference with it. I feel that with the right push, it'll be a done deal

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