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I am a mixed fifteen year-old, up and coming rapper representing the blocks of Chicago. My style is old school but modern, jazzy, genuine and soulful. I have been rapping since I was seven years old, expressing myself throughout the struggle. I was introduced to Hip Hop at an early age through my mama's collection of music, including NaS, 2Pac, LL Cool J, and Ice Cube.

I am now working on my mixtape Hood TP which will be my first public release. The mixtape is based on the mind of a thug poet, taking you to the streets of Chicago. Throughout the mixtape you will hear about the struggle, the hustle, love, life, and death. Hood TP is not just about the hood, it's thug poetry from the hood. When looking at it's cover you see the dark streets and blocks of the hood, and portrayed a ghetto kid - which is me. But when you play the mixtape, and actually listen, the Hood doesn't seem so dark anymore... I am is destined to make it, to never give up, to do my best, and eventho I focus on the brighter sides of the life I'm given, I'm not afraid to spit about how the struggle really is like.

I'm a mix of Nigerian, Norwegian, and Afro-American blood. I was born in south Norway, but later on moved to Chicago to live with my cousins. At the age of six I hung out with the gangsters, teaching how thug life was like. The streets named me Junior, and I became the gangs ghetto-kid. At the age of seven I had to move back with my mama to Norway, where I was called Afro because of my African heritage. During a vacation to my cousins in northside Chicago in 2009 I got jumped and nearly murdered by local gangsters. This is when I decided I was going to make it big. Representing genuine Hip Hop and thug life.

I am now focusing on my dream which is to become big. And as my first step I am making my first mixtape, Hood TP. I am is destined to make it, with eight years of rapping, winning battles, performing live concerts, and my rhymebook, straight from the hood, I am stepping up my game to remind y'all of that Hip Hop still lives!

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City: Chicago
Country: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Illinois (IL)

My Influences

NaS, 2Pac, LL Cool J, Ice Cube

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