Justice - Let Me In

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Song Name : Let Me In
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Justice Featuring Bigg Gripp

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Bigg Gripp

I heard your self esteem is low like you aint apart of the click feeling like a set of balls just a part of the dick or is  because i aint say excuse me instead of pardon me ****  or is you really built ford tuff like a hundred project bricks


Im here so you cant stop me now lyrically stomp my way through the crowd not a **** but i get buck wild **** the king this queen want the crown

Bigg Gripp

now you stacking bigga figures you got a thicker figure but you aint ready for nan one of my gorillas **** these some hard hitters mean muggers teeth grillas real spitters get money ex cocaine fillers


Let any man test me in the both I promise fellas that I can get loose prosecuting your ego cant lose verdicts in justice is the truth  so you really want to play me for a fool tired of talkin gon grab my tool aim it point it at you **** pop it than ooohh


dont get it confused do you know who you talking to Ill pop you wit a 22 having you singing the blues


I understand i get it frustrated trying to shine cuz im a girl pushed to the back of the line irritated give me whats rightfully mine


slow down shorty its gon come in due time be patiently waiting and constantly up on the grind 


I got big books of rhymes 45's and nines I done moved soft white hard and weed of all kinds


you talk a good game but is you bout what it do I'm surrounded by a group I'm in all red they in all blue you  look to cute if i hand you a banger wit one in the chamber how i know you gon shoot


see if you only knew i been peed them niggas sitting in the back of the coupe why you hatin cuz I'm  cute sure played the m boys like a flute this time i don't need to shoot got ten bitches in fatigues and boots wit ten tens posted up on the roof for you from your number one troop

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