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Wesley Rodgers was born on April 20th, 1980. Wesley is more conveniently known by the stage name of K.G. Kapone. K.G. is currently working on his sophomore release entitled “The Product” a highly anticipated follow-up to his debut. K.G. also is producing a variety of many different local artists, working as the in-house engineer and producer at Railroad Tracks Incorporated. K.G. Kapone first made his claim to fame rapping with many different rap groups in the late nineties. Doing shows and working with different companies, K.G. realized that he did not want to work with anyone or for anyone.

Upon meeting Lou Blakk, K.G. Kapone was just an artist with aspirations of producing. Under the mentor ship of Lou Blakk and various others, K.G has become an all around entrepreneur, handling the business and working as the in-house producer and engineer for Railroad Tracks Incorporated. K.G. Kapone plans to begin production on his third release and not leave such a gap of time in his future follow up releases. K.G also intents to produce more artist and branch out of the standard of what genres he traditionally works with. Aside from Railroad Tracks Incorporated, K.G. Kapone is also heavily affiliated within the not-for profit organization Chicago Artistic Alliance

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