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Many people are quick to pick apart new things, new technology, knowledge, and even new people that are introduced in the public's eye. Maybe it's the swag in which Lil' Buddy carries himself, or perhaps it's his lyrics, which are used with such passion and emotion that ultimately combine a deadly dosage. Whichever it may be, Lil' Buddy has developed and established a name for himself in Memphis, as well as the underground community across the Nation. Reaching overseas to Japan Unsigned and independent, Lil' Buddy was forced to go out there and get it. "It" being, Money! With two other things in mind which was to create great music on which he himself grew to love. Plus, add something different and unique to the already huge collection of different styles known as the rap game.

Lil' Buddy has worked with several rappers known to the game whether it was on the music tip or as a "business" associate, maybe even through parties as a DJ. Yes, that's right. Lil' Buddy is also a DJ. Mainly strip clubs across Memphis, however, he has hosted several private parties and social events. Working with Partee & Lil' Wyte of Gain Green Ent. & Wyte House Productions, Ultimately signed under Three Six Mafia's Hypnotized Camp Posse, Lil' Cam, K-Rock of Prophet Posse, Landlord & Da Judge of 4 Eva Underground, Sir Chip Allawishes, J.Rock of Da Volunteers, Kingpin Skinny Pimp, Shelby Forest Click, Nikki Ricardo, J.Valenti, Head of Fame Ent., E.G.B.(a.k.a. RawDawg)(a.k.a. Eric Gales), Winna of Tha Dolla Boi$, and so on.. and so on... Pardon me if anyone might have gotten left out for Lil' Buddy was not the one who has created this bio, so no disrespect, and you are definitely not forgotten...

Keeping it real has probably gotten Lil' Buddy as far as he has gone, because now a days rappers have tendencies to go far outside the box. Telling lies until they catch that deal and then make up for what they say, buying up a bunch of guns and drugs, not exactly knowing what they are doing. Lil' Buddy doesn't rap about what he doesn't have or things he doesn't do. Everything in his lyrics are experienced on a daily basis or have been introduce in his life.

Lil' Buddy's Underground Mixtape series known as the "Unidentified" mixtape series, has been labeled "Unidentified" for the several different rap styles Lil' Buddy pursues on the mixtape. Labeling it as unidentified, because you can't label this thrill. Which he is about to start dropping within the next two months.

There have been several obstacles put in front of Lil' Buddy and he has overcome them all. There is much more to Lil' Buddy then this bio, this is just a lil' taste. However, if you wish to know more about Lil' Buddy, just ask.

Been holding down the # 1 Song On The Charts With MemphisRap. com Since NOVEMBER OF LAST YEAR!!! You know what it is. Come check me out. ALSO COME COP YOUR COPY OF THE NEW MIXTAPE!!!!  LIL BUDDY'S UNIDENTIFIED MIXTAPE VOL.




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