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Well it’s taken 10 years but finally a bit of success 2 of my songs ( You Were There and In Your arms ) have been used on Dutch TV in a program called Hello Goodbye about Schiphol airport and have also been chosen to go on the programs season 2 C/D, so it it just goes to show keep on pushing!!


Thanks for taking the time to listen it is very much appreciated


My song writing inspiration comes from day to day observations and my own experience of life. I have always had a leaning towards the softer, more melodic style of music and my compositions naturally take me in that direction. With any composition I have to say I go for the “if I like it that’s good enough” philosophy and try not to worry about rules or the latest “fashion”. 


As for musical influences my tastes tend to be the less well known artists and bands such as Barclay James Harvest, Marillion, Martyn  Joseph, although my collection also contains Pink Floyd, The Beatles, John Denver, Neil Diamond, Celine Dion and modern artists such as David Gray and Coldplay.


I recorded my first C/D in March 1999 “THROUGH THE EYES OF THE BEHOLDER” (a valentine present from my girlfriend). The CD was a bit of fun with just me on vocals and guitar but with some good feedback about the songs I decided to go for a fully produced sound for the next album.  

“PURE BLUE” the follow up C/D was recorded at purple studios in Norwich and was definitely worth every penny.


As luck would have it Nigel Harris who engineered the 1st C/D was available to produce “PURE BLUE” and  he did a great job in getting the right session musicians and playing a lot of the instruments himself and also coming up with so many great ideas that it was a joy to record.


This led to a 3rd C/D released February 2004 titled “ONE YEAR OUT” recorded at Zig Zag studio’s near Huntingdon and has a more relaxed and upbeat feel to it. This album was produced by Gareth Stuart who also played a lot of the instruments and we coerced his wife Amanda to sing and play keyboards. Session musicians included Dave Larcombe Ex Bible Drummer and Dave Tiplady on bass and local folk legend Roger Smith. So far the response to this album has been superb both critically and commercially with radio appearances and one track (In Your Arms) being selected as a song for an Irish newspaper C/D. 


     I did form a short lived band “ October Sun “ and we recorded an album in 2006 called” close your eyes and count to five “ but the band folded due to the drummer ( his wife gave birth to a baby boy ) and the bass player ( emigrated to Australia ) having bigger family commitments.

So it’s back to Billy no mates!!


If you wish for any further info please contact me 


All the best 




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City: Bury St Edmunds
Country: EUROPE: United Kingdom: England

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christopher cross , marillion, martyn joseph, barclay james harvest

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Total Plays: 265
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