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by Yesenia Soprano

First debuting himself as a "John Doe" with his first publication, this Chicago rapper has feasted in the hip hop limelight.

O-mega, a 27-year-old Mexican rapper from the Northside of Chicago is the founder of the rap group, Elite Tactics; a well-known 4-person group in Chicago's underground hip hop scene. Elite Tactics, a name derived from their desire to use "cream of the crop" techniques to maneuver through their music careers, was established in 2002. Founder O-mega and co-founder "Da Chemist," got up one day and placed in effect what O-mega called, "just an idea" with music. At the time of establishment, O-mega brought to the table his producing skills and veteran rap game, considering he had been rapping solo since 1996. Now in 2007, O-mega is still the only producer in E.T. The other members; "Ovaflow" and "Da Chemist" rap while "Chino" works behind-the-scenes, setting up events for the crowd.

The music O-mega delivers to his audience consists mostly his own "bad, good, and cool" experiences. His first album, titled "Da John Doe," which was a 5 year-in-the-making project he considered to be, "more hardcore, and the rhyme scheme would be the whole 16. It's a CD for the hip hop heads," he says. The listener would have to pay closer attention to the deep lyrics rather than the beats. Taking a different route with his second album however, the "ALX;" he admits, "I'm having more fun, not focused on rhymes too much."

As far as promoting his and his group's music, O-mega focuses on the female factor. He believes, "girls help more than guys. Just like Biggie and Pac said, 'Make music for the women because guys will want to listen to what the girls are listening to.' "

O-mega has chosen this profession as the only way to truly express himself as a whole: "It's the chance to give it my all. It's a different sense of accomplishment. How good can I sound?" he challenges. He states music has always been his interest since he was young, and the lyrical talent, drive, and desire was inborn.

Although O-mega holds a determined mindstate, fellow music makers have held him back before. Mr. O-mega has worked with several different artists and producers but felt they did not work at his same pace. "Therefore, I had to take matters into my own hands towards my production and album work." he delared.

Continuing to rap full time, O-mega is currently working on his sophomore album, the "ALX," scheduled to drop in the summer of 2007 or later. Contrary to his debut CD, the ALX has been a 1-year pursuit.

This artists has been a regular amongst Chicago's clubs; performing his tracks at Club Capitol, Sharky's, City Lights, Nite Cap and recently held a fundraising concert at Jefferson's Tap, benefiting his ill friend, "Chance." The event, named "Code Chance," consisted of several performances from other underground artists such as Chi Ill, Lil Reap, Yari Jade, Pinqy Ring, R.P.M.& Starr E. The fundraiser proved to be a success, raising a 4-digit amount, ever cent benefitting Chance's therapy.

Another performance this artist is undertaking is one behind-stage. After being the main rapper in Elite Tactics, always performing, and networking with many different people, he has decided to take a step back to instead promote fellow group members. After the release of the "ALX," O-mega states he will not release another album for about 4 years, if not more. As the only producer, he has the responsibility of composing beats for the other 2 rappers in the group.

Sitting back, looking at the rest of the Chicago hip hop talent, O-mega feels his native Northside "is finally stepping up." He believes many other underground rappers have been working endlessly and many have been successful in their ventures."You got to keep moving, " he says. "Everyone else is doing something good so you need to do something good too."

From being "Da John Doe" to a well known and respected underground artist in Chicago; this humble and friendly young man sees both sides of the stage as a business; and aspires to conquer each.*

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