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If Hip Hop is the meaning of life, then O Plus is the next movement in the blood line of great MCs. With influences that have helped him to possess the lyrical skills of Eminem but yet the business savvy of a Jay-Z, Plus is the appropriate lineage that helps hip hop move to the next level. O Plus, aka Mr. Franktastick, is most noted for his versatility as an artist. Plus lyrical prowess makes him the current focal point in the succession of great MCs, owning the unique ability to combine substance with sales. Plus is an artist who thinks like a CEO, and has dedicated himself to being the life-blood of the music industry.

After blowing up the battle scenes in Chicago with his hip-hop cronies 5MICS, and recording three albums in studio Y2K, the premiere production place of hip-hop star Kanye West, O Plus moved to the South. In search of new sound and new influence, Plus made his home in New Orleans. There he has become known as the mix-tape king, has recorded three solo albums, obtained radio spins in New Orleans, Nashville, and Houston, and has written and produced a number of underground R&B and gospel hits. He is currently working on a project for Tri-ni-tee 5:7.

Embodying the hustlers mentality of Chicagos South Side, and yet possessing the ability to write and produce for any vocalist, O Plus has developed a compulsive work ethic that can not tolerate excuses. This lover of all music genres has developed a formula that he guarantees could turn 10 thousand into $10MM, and he challenges any major label to put it to the test. O Plus knows the value of teamwork, understands the intricacies of grand-scheme marketing, and is ready to break his back for the bottom line. While I was 3ft High and Rising, I found myself Ready to Die in search of the Main Ingredient, In My Lifetime.

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