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My start begins in San Bernardino CA. The middle child of 6. My call to the Ministry of Music began with a very Godly man by the name of Willie Willingham. He took me to a church named First Baptist Church of North Fontana(which later became "Loveland Christian Center")pastored by, Chuck Singleton. I started playing the saxaphone at age 12, then I worked my way through learning almost every instrument. Then I found the instrument that I loved the most, "piano". It was all she wrote ever since..... My musical influences are, Andre Crouch, Commissioned (the early years with Fred Hammond). Walter Hawkins, The Winans, Marvin Sapp, Yolanda Adams. Those are all my singing influences, my instrumental influences are, Stevie Wonder, Fred Hammond, Richard Smallwood, Billy Joel, Keith Green, Twinkie Clark, John P Kee, Barry Manilow, Lionel Richie. I know I mentioned some secular artists, but please keep in mind that my true partner is Jesus Christ. Deliverance, my first work was put together from pain. It was at that time when God really step into my life and began showing Himself strong to me. At this time, I didn't see Him as like a comicbook character, but someone who's real, just as real as me and you today. He healed me of the hurt, the pain, and the past. It was at this time that the work of "Not About Me" was birth. The Lord began at this time to show me that everything we do in His name is actually His actions because we are dead to ourselves, and we are alive only in Him and to Him. I've learn healing through praising Him, joy, peace, temperance, it's all in the praise, you can even praise Him while you're mad, cause if you do, you can stay mad anymore. This is the mind set of the project foremention. I used scripture a lot on this project. I pray that I've spoken enough for you to know me and my ministry.


Thank You For Your Time........And God Bless You All


Oliver Goodloe


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Country: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Nevada (NV)

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Fred Hammond, Richard Smallwood, Marvin Sapp, Israel

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