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Under normal circumstances, Columbus, Ohio and gangsta’ rap are in no way synonymous.  Even P-Duble’s hometown of Indianapolis has a more legitimate gangster heritage than its sister city one-state over.  But Indianapolis, Indiana-born P-Duble didn’t have the typical childhood. Relocating from Evansville, Indiana to Shelbyville, Indiana before a permanent move to the “big city,” this veteran rap artist enjoyed the best of both worlds. “I started listening to rap when I was like, nine. Back then it was EPMD, D-Nice, LL Cool J,” says the 34-year-old, born Keith Scarlett.  ‘I was tryin’ to sound like MC Ren [from NWA].”

Judging from his Ty Wills-produced anthem hit “Respect,” P-dub has embraced a sound that has seemed to disappear from the realm of Holy Hip-Hop. “Indianapolis was where I was raised,” he says. “[I say} I’m from Columbus now, ‘cause that’s where I developed.” However, after getting married and getting his college degree, P-dub almost didn’t get a chance to grow into his career.  “My wife knew it was of interest to me, but really felt it was just a hobby or a phase and thought it would pass,” says P-dub, who promoted his home-made mixtapes as a hobby while working to support his family.  “Eventually, I couldn’t go against the constant tuggin’ at my Heart the Lord was pullin’ at me and knew that I still had some stuff to say and needed to be open to His leading.”

P-Duble’s wife wasn’t the only one who needed convincing.  Ohio hip-hop mogul, Ty Wills, needed to spend some time recording P-Duble’s 2006 mixtape; “No One,” to realize that this kat had somethin’ special.  “There’s a lot of people out, but they don’t know how to put together records,” says P-Duble, who would eventually rely heavily on Wills experience and skills to help him craft what may be one of the harder Christian Rap projects in many years: his newest full-length release; “If I Die….” “Wills would begin to critique my tracks without me even asking him and would even begin to ask my opinion on things pertaining to his own career and other projects.  Soon enough, we were working hand-in-hand on my EP and then on my new joint and it just blew-up from there.”

 True to his word to his wife, P-dub has created a project so-raw, yet mesmerizing and still based solidly in the scripture through his own label; Pike Street Music.  One-year after the initial work on this project began; it has finally reached its completion…and the year-long wait will be well worth it.

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Jesus Christ

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Christian Gangsta Rap

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