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To start this Biography im going to tell you just a little about my life. I was the only boy out of five kids, my mom and dad seperated when I was sixteen. With that being said it was hard trying to find were I fit in this big world, especially when I had no guide from my father, don't get me wrong he supported us financally , but I needed a man point of view on life, or a heads up in certain situations. My mom did the best she could, but how can a woman teach a man, on becoming a man. I have one older sister and the rest are younger then me, but they all look up to me on becoming the key to there way out, because they see the strive and the desperation in me on becoming a hip hop artist, and I will not let on my dreams. Speaking of dreaming there is so many people in this world that dream and some of there dream's even conflict with your dreamby let's say if you want to be a manager for music artist, but really you don't have what it takes to be one, but the artist that you conversate yourself with does instead of the person telling the truth, they "hype" the artist up and get them believingin them, so theyboth don't realize that " dreaming is one thing and making a dream reality is another". So far I have been going to different cities trying to pursue my dream and they all turn out to be just a trip, and no I don't give up I keep trying no matter how much debt I get into, or how much money I owe one of my family members. I still continue to keep going because I know one day it's going to change. I just need that one chance, that one foot in the door, and I can handle the rest. HTG Records gave me that one chance!, and now it's SHOWTYME!.

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Country: AMERICA NORTH: USA: North Carolina (NC)

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