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Im ThAt FeMaLe MC,tHaTs StRaiGhT fRoM tHe StReEtS,wAnT 2 KnOw rEaL ****,JuSt wAtCh hOw i BE.()Im lIvIn tHe LiFe i cHosE & ChOse tHe lIfE im LIVIN.So wHaT eVa cOmEs mY wAy, its AlReAdY a gIvEn.If its DeAtH ,LiFe, FrEEDoM or PrIsOn, iF iM tHe SUsPeCt,aCcUseD,or mAyBe tHe ViCtIm. It DoEsN;t mAtTeR CaUsE AlL mY AcTiOn wAs My DEcisION, EvErYtHiNg Is oUt, ItS nOtHiNg HiDdEn .EvErYtHiNg I dO CoMeS fRoM tHe SoUL, My BrAiN ThInKs,BuT My HeArT lEaDs tHe RoLL. SoMeTiMeS i cAn GeT- oUt CoNtRoL, GeT So hOt I mAkE U wAnT 2 StOp, DrOp & rOlL.DoN;t LIkE sNiTcHeS,ClOwNs,Or BeInG FaKe,THeSe R oNlY 3 ThInGs i LoVe 2 HaTe.i WiSh We CoUlD EaT'eM uP eAsY lIkE fOoD On oUr PlAtEs. ThInK GooDnEsS I hAvE jeSuS iN My sPaCe,ThAnKfUlL 4 All HiS gRaCe,CaUsE i'LL tAke'Em dOwN If It WaSn't 4 fAiTh. ThIs is jUsT a lIttLe about ME. ShOrTy they call S-N-A-A-P-P!!!.P.S Overall Im a good truthfull person .I can be sweet and lovable.

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Country: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Maryland (MD)

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Total Plays: 98
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Total Page Views: 3,550

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