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At first glance the name "Shitmouth" sounds as if it is based on childish toilet humor, but to us it means as follows.

Shit_Contemptible or worthless person or thing.
Mouth_The muzzle of a gun

Shitmouth is a 5 (live only) piece band from Durand, Illinois. Josh Campbell and Grant Whittaker are the soul creators of Shitmouth. They have been togethr for around a year and a half. It took us around 6 months to write, record the entire album "The Suicide Guide".

The main influence behind their work is the steady decay of society. With the job rate decreasing and poverty rising at an alarming rate, Shitmouth touches on the fact that the suicide rate will increase.

We DO NOT support suicide in any fashion. We choose to show the ugly and realistic side of it. After losing a close friend, we made it our personal mission to throw this subject in peoples faces, because it is a real and devastating factor at this point in society.

WARNING!!! The majority of our shirts are extremely explicit. Please keep this in mind while checking out our Merchandise Section.

Keep in mind this is a home recorded demo.

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nin coal chamber etc.

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