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Born Johnathan Harford, Soldiah first developed his love of music as soon as he could talk.Born in Scarborough, he moved from place to place until his parents came to the ultimatum of sending him to Trinidad. Once there, he learned about different types of music and composition methods. At the tender age of five his dream was to become a singer and he decided that no matter what, he would pursue that.    At the age of eight, he came back to Canada with a passion for music. At the age of 10, he started writing poetry and performing them over tracks playing on the radio or on a cd, this was the first sign of his ability to create music.  Constantly looking for ways to express his lyrical creativity, he performed in school talent showcases and in his neighbourhood at churches and outdoor functions. Not seeking recognition, there was no performing name, he performed under his real name. At the age of 14 he was given the name Soldiah because of the fact that he never backed down from any challenge or fight. At the age of 15, he was exposed to the army for a few weeks, and had received support for using that name. Being recognized for his credentials, the name Soldiah stuck with him. The fact that it is spelled differently shows the uniquity of character and personality. Coming up through the school system was tough, alot of the kids picked on him because he was different, he was really into his writing not letting the futile nature of childhood bother him. He didn't really have many friends, and the few that he had always tried pulling him to go play with the other kids. Although, he did not, he stayed mainly to himself constantly writing bars then later putting them together. This was the only way that he knew to write songs. Then he started hanging out with a crew called Hoodz United where he developed the double alias of Chop-pah. This name was given because of the fact that he could approach a girl and leave with a number and house address. This was not something to be very proud of but his name told everything about him. This is why he stopped using that name and left that lifestyle. He has 2 sisters that both live with him, and what he was doing to other girls, there were other guys that would do that to them, so he came to a point of realization. Realizing this allowed him the ability to write r&b songs, this proved helpful as many of his fans are female and want to hear r&b from him. In knowing this, he did his second mixtape performing only r&b entitled “Strictly 4 Da Ladiez” with a guest appearance by Deuc3 of Dream Scheme Ent. Moving to Malton was a big change for him mainly because he didn't know anyone. This made it hard for him, but easy to set off his persona by just performing so people can hear the flow and play on lyrics that exists in his tracks. During his spare time while he is not recording tracks, he is out enjoying life. As an animal lover, he works part-time with dogs learning about different types of dogs, and what affects them and in what ways. As a car lover, he enjoys working on cars and has been involved in the restoration of a full-sized go kart. When not doing either of those things, he enjoys teaching younger kids the importance of expressing their feelings, usually teaching them how to rhyme and express themselves effectively. The main influence for his music is Tupac Shakur. The reason for this being the fact that Tupac was able to incorporate real issues into basically “gangster” music, is a real inspiration to help him write better music. Striving to better the world around him through his music, he tries to give the fans the “gangster rap” that they want, but also uses the same “gangster” elements to put forth a positive message. This gave him the title of a role model in the various elementary and high schools, and churches that he has performed in. In gaining this title, Soldiah continues to try to stay a positive role model despite the fact that he continues to produce this “gangster” type music.

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