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Song Name : Sweet Dreamz
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Mister KA, Soldiah Casanova

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Let me take you to a place that you never been before

When I'm sleeping I be dreaming bout you forevermore

If I don't dream of you I wake up feeling unsure

Thinking I have a disease worse than cancer and there is no cure

I love it and I just don't know what else to say

I'm dreaming all night and I only see your face

I'm happy being with you through the night and the day

trusting you with my heart cuz no other girl could take your place

People dream about their paperchase getting dough

Pero, su belleza me mata for sure

You got me going crazy though got me uplifting my flow

Dreaming of you is my ecstasy I don't need any dro

I know this isn't exactly what it seems

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