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I am just a country boy who loves music, I started traveling early in life and I believe that allowed me to appreciate music.From k-3 Tallahassee fla.4th Hartford Conn.5th 29 Palms Cali. 6-8 Iwakuni Japan. 9-12 Albany GA. I listen to everything from Rock to Japaneses music. I didn't record my first song until 1998 but I had been writing and rapping since the 7 th grade, I always felt I had talent. I did talent shows in high school and contest around town, but there was no avenue to make it. So I joined the Military and continued to write and rap, in Germany I met the whole Def j am family Run DMC LL Cool J Beasty Boys ect. From There I was in Hawaii and still Rapping, I landed in Atlanta at DeVry Institute of Technology and studied Electronics. That lead to me going to in the studio in 1994, but people I was working with had no loyalty. Four years later I met Cool D, he had his own studio and I spent many nights and mornings just watching next thing I know, I was in the booth. The second song I recorded was a hit for the clubs but I did not know the business end . Master P wanted the song, but as I stated I did not know the business. So kept learning, the recording and added graphics and the business side as well. I released my first album in 2001 I want a 6ft B--ch, I shoped it to a few labels, they said I need to make a buzz first. So I was on the grind out the drunk at the flea market, at the barbcues anywhere I saw people I was selling my music. I had no help, I was in Fla, Al, Ga. So I starte d working on my next Album, I also had two groups and help start a couple of small label here in Albany. 2004 I started performing in Atlanta, that brought on the buzz and along with the music, I started publishing Poetry as well. Now here it is 2007 and I am finally ready to realease the Highly anticipated Album The Big Boss The book Poetry for The Mind is also in the works for released.Myspace LayoutsSend me an IM! Myspace Layouts

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