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There's a lot folk can say about hip hop today. It is by turns rough, misogynistic, real, and conscious. Hip-hop reflects the many characteristics of the worldwide body of people who enjoy it. It breathes with their struggles and pain, triumphs and dreams. The one thing not mentioned often in connection with hip-hop is the element of fun. Chicago-based hip-hop group The Sausage Committee is here to change that.

The members of 'The Committee' include Executive Producer and front man Abe Froman, and lyricist/vocalists Frank Jumbo, Sir Loin, Jack Linx, Sledge Hamma & Awon. Reminiscent of old school favorite Digital Underground, each committee member brings his own brand of high-spirit and mischievous energy to the stage when opening for some of today's hottest hip-hop artists such as Fat Joe and Jadakiss. The buzz surrounding their highly anticipated first album "Yes...Size Does Matter", slated for a late 2008 release, is high as a collection of the groups' most popular underground songs is prepped for mainstream audiences.

The Committee's sound is a spicy blend of backyard BBQ's, complete with all the beef you can eat, that Magnificent Mile Chicago-style gloss and a hint of sweat from late night, summertime sessions in dimly lit back rooms on your momma's couch. The Committee's comical on-stage antics and hypnotic, hard-driving beats will tear up club dance floors and incite that special kind of laughter that you can only hear when drinks flow and the vibe is live, but peaceful.

"Crime is at an all time high! Hatin' is at an all time high, and for what?" asked Froman, a former DJ turned recording artist. "People come to have a good time, and that's what we're about. Our music is an aphrodisiac for the confident sexy woman and a memoir for the man satisfying her." A favorite at some of Chicago's hottest performance spots like The Congress Theatre, Crocodile Lounge, Choices Night Club and numerous other Chicagoland venues, The Committee has also been a presence on the airwaves at the country's top rated radio station WGCI(Chicago) and Power 92(Chicago), as well as college radio stations like WHPK, WKKC and WIIT. Some of Chicago's top DJs are strong supporters of the group such as DJ Averi Minor, DJ Jeff Da Illest, Lee Farmer, Phat Mike, DJ World, etc... These DJs swear by the Committee and have spun their records in various Chicago nightclubs.

The Committee's brand of slick vocals and funny punch lines has also developed a good female following. Fans of the Sausage Committee stated the group "remains the best-kept secret in the music business." The Sausage Committee has effectively flipped that old mother wit adage 'It's not the size of the boat; it's the motion of the ocean.' With singles like "Pole Position" and "**** Diesel" getting support from some of Chicago's most popular DJ groups like The Soul Selectors and Spin Club, the members of The Sausage Committee will quickly convince listeners that "Yes...Size Does Matter!" "Our name alone inspires controversy and rightfully so," said Jack Linx. "Sex is a beautiful thing."


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