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urban skullistic south central Los angeles FLOW
[W]hile extolling the virtues and importance of family life
my universal human family
mainly decendents of, misplaced earth elders.... travel space and time teaching science only passed on through father to son funk Music with no sound Barriers :)
Classified as Hip hop and Neo Soul, but the rabbit hole Go’s Deeper. The Music we Do as production team, And as a Collective Group is basically unclassified, we’ve done Rock, punk, ska, spoken word etc. I can truly say we are the, alternative ? alternative LOL. original Currently in the studio working on tracks With cats like SLJ from sa-ra, Akil the M.C and Soup Of Jurassic 5, DREAD DAZE etc We have so many ideal’s and topics to cover musically and culturally wise, that i decide to a urban skullistic myspace page just to share my musical MoOd swings...with Yall wink wink URBAN

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City: Los Angeles Philly
Country: AMERICA NORTH: USA: California (CA)

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lifes sounds

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