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ung Boi is a 17 year old MC from Gary,Indiana.Hes a Senior and a A and B student. Everyone he hangs with say that "he cool as hell to be around and is real to the fullest."Growing up wit 2 brothers and single parent has had a rough time on him,but he stayed strong.One day it popped to him that he had a good lyrical talent,when he wrote a whole song for his brother in 2 hours.He had a passion for music since 14 and started rappin at the age of 16 and has growning become a true lyricist.Alot of people have been hating on him including his own friends,but he hasnt let it stop him from achieving his goals and stop. Yung Boi keeps all of his tracks real and true to Hip-Hop and more with punchlines and metaphors.Yung Boi has gained the respect of many people around the U.S. and is gaining much more. Yung Boi is one of the few young rappers that raps real hip-hop other than the snap music and crunk hits,he never limits himself to one rap style.Up and coming projects for Yung Boi are his Voices of Da Future Mixtape which he making with his new partner Mista M.E.P.,and one on his on called Yung City Vol.1. He isnt just your average person from Gary he does his thing and reps his city to the fullest,and is its top MC. He says Money Talks and bullshyt walks,

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Country: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Indiana (IN)

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