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BBU - Born out of brothels and developed underground in the subways and roadways of Chicago, IL. Bin Laden Blowing Up - also known as BBU (Black, Brown and Ugly) - is a loosely organized group of high-flying hooligans who are united under the common goal of world domination. They lack a unified command, yet they are linked by a common ideology and capable of autonomous operation. Illekt, Epic and Jasson Perez, the three bandits behind BBU, are a product of the 80s: survivors of the inequitable public policies of the reactionary Reagan era. Their music hits Western Imperialism with a one-two punch and seeks liberation from the systematic oppression that exasperates poverty, unemployment, the crack epidemic, as well as the massive dysfunctional conditions in urban U.S.A. The Boom, Boom, Bang and the Bump, Bump, Bump are the key signs that Bin Laden Blowin’ Up is getting down. Known for their high-energy, roaring and impassioned live performances, Bin Laden Blowin Up have a reputation for creating chaos and provoking Chicago locals to get real buck. Warning: Side effects of BBU listening may result in juking, fast-paced moving of the feet, and profuse sweating. Please contact a physician if side effects persist for more than 24hrs. BBU have a growing Internet presence; with features on numerous international music publications such as Pitchfork,, Ruby Hornet, Blind I and local favorites like Interviews, mp3’s and hi-res jpegs are available upon request.

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