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BRANDON HILTON (born Brandon James, July 17, 1987) is an American singer, songwriter, model & actor. He is an Internet Celebrity, known for his Electronic-Pop music and his popularity on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Myspace. Brandon has successfully established a loyal fan following which he's now using to pursue his passion as a singer.

His debut album 'Dirty On The Dancefloor' charted #11 on Hot Topic / Shockhound's most downloaded albums of 2010 and his sophomore album 'NOCTURNAL' which hit iTunes stores worldwide on June 13th 2011 debuted at #63 on iTunes Pop Charts! He is currently working on his currently untitled 3rd album which is set to be released in 2012, and an exclusive Tour Album that will feature several new songs and sold exclusively on his debut tour this summer.

Hilton's music is also featured in the upcoming feature film 'Midnight Cabaret' in which he also stars in and his hit single 'GLAMOUR ZOMBIE' was featured on the Aug. 22nd episode of Oxygen's 'The Bad Girls Club' Brandon classifies himself as a model turned actor, but a BORN singer. following in the footsteps of some of his biggest inspirations and backed by an unstoppable urge to succeed, this marks only the beginning for this upcoming superstar!


Brandon states "he doesnt like to think of himself as a "celebrity" because he doesnt feel he has reached that status in his career, but wants to achieve "Fame" in his own way by inspiring people through his art and music."

What started as a hobby with friends, circa Brandons first song release "I Kissed A Boy" a Katy Perry Cover, which drew attention from people as far away as Germany, and landed Brandon an Interview on German Radio which brought huge exposure to his music career in Germany. As well as over 2 million Youtube Hits in 5 months, and praised by even Katy herself via her website blog. Has now turned into a passion that will not be sufficed.

"I've always had an immense passion for music, I grew up in choir and chorus in school, participating in countless plays and musicals" that brought him attention at the tender age of 8. "I've always known I could sing, but never considered that a career path!" until now! With DEMOS of Brandons songs online, and after working with amazing producers such as : Mysto & Pizzi, Eddie B, Nate Bosley, Jeremy Greene, Nicki Rayne, Nicholas Gallegos & DJ Zaq. Brandon began to develop the sound that has now slated him as "The Boy Lady Gaga" A title in which he accepts, "I've been friends with her(gaga) for 2 years now! I absolutely love her style and art, I would also say we are VERY MUCH different!"

After achieving 2 Very Successfully Selling Makeup Lines, Releasing a Clothing Line, and developing his own Line of Leggings for both Male & Females, Brandon wants more than anything to make his name and face into a brand, with Fragrance Lines, A Jewelry Line, and now "Hopefully" An amazing album, that everyone can relate to!

"I just want people to listen to my music and smile, dance, take off their clothes, tell their friends, blast it in the cars.... SCREAM IT TO THE WORLD!" Brandon says he wants people to be inspired, but also enjoy the hard work and art that goes in to EVERYTHING that ISBRANDON JAMES

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Country: AMERICA NORTH: USA: North Carolina (NC)

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Total Plays: 511
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