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The shadow of superstardom can be a very dark place, but for E-GuTTa, it’s a position of power. E-GuTTa has been an integral part of the southern music style. Thanks to his alliance with J-SliMM, his childhood friend, began the start of his illustrius music career, E-GuTTa has developed greatly as an artist and still is improving...better and better everyday. His southern style originated from him spending most of his childhood in Belzoni, Mississippi, but only stayed there till he was about 5 and his family migrated to Chicago, Illinois where he was originally born, so he can attend school there, he later then pursued his music career at about 16 years old and it took off from there. Gutta then began using his "gift" to make money while in school performing at shows and sellin cds independently. Many people say that Gutta has a unique style from every one else and he has a good ear for music, he says, "I have many types of styles, I contiue to switch up my swagger...I mix my southern style of swagger with my mid-west style of lyricism". Unable to ignore his determination to shine, Gutta is now being looked on by many major record labels. Now hes grinding hard and staying in the studio waiting for his time to shine, it will be soon...and with his experience constantly climbing, be on the lookout for E-GuTTa!!!

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City: Da CHI
Country: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Illinois (IL)

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!!!!Errbody Dats On Dey ****!!!!

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Total Plays: 300
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Total Page Views: 4,690

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