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he name’s DJ VIN aka Arvindh. A music enthusiast since the budding age of 11, his exposure to all sorts of tunes be it RnB, Hip-Hop, Old School or Underground has been almost fanatical. At the age of 20 now, DJ VIN has been residing in this field of a DJ for about 4 years now ever since he was first brought into the entertainment business in early 2005. While working his way through as a marketing agent then as a back up dj for a well-known event management company, DJ VIN realized he had a strong draw from the music world but he only sealed that deal the day he witnessed “mix-master” DJ Mike. That gig and that famous quote, “I want to be a part of the movement instead of being just a listener!” changed everything from that moment on. DJ VIN started his vigorous training from that day on, learning more and more from every famous witnessed. Once he started earning praises from colleagues and friends, DJ VIN decided to further challenge and enhance his technical capabilities by enrolling into an academy for DJ’s in 2008. From there on, DJ VIN has graduated from the Academy with the highest regards especially after being trained by one of Malaysia’s top and finest, DJ Fuzz (Mixology DJ Academy) himself. The main genre’s DJ VIN has mastered ranges from Hip-Hop, RnB, Underground,House,  Electro&Trance which goes to show he has just the right capabilities to entertain any form of crowd. Having 4 years of proficiency in this field doing gigs, parties and shows in various places from the north to the south of Malaysia ,playing in various nights and gigs, DJ VIN has certainly challenged himself to the race. Last year, DJ VIN had even tried to create awareness within music enthusiasts on the beauty of “Mashup Music”. With all that passion and innate talent, DJ VIN is out to set the stages on fire in 2009 with upcoming shows, gigs and parties that are bound to set you on inferno. Music never dies if you’ve got the zest to make it!

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