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DJ Diamond Dog has been mixing music since the very young age of 12. He began his journey working with the old school music, such as Newcleus, Planet Patrol, Afrika Bambaata, Run DMC, and other well known old-school artists. Mixing was tough back then cuz he had to work with the junk turntables he could lay his hands on. But, eventually, he began to improve his skillz.

At 16, Diamond Dog was doin up house parties south of the Homestead/Cutler Ridge area.  By then, he had a pair of 1200's, so he was puttin on sum good shows. At the time, he was doin' parties for $50, a ride to & from the spot, & drinks for him & his boys. Cheap parties....but still Jam Packed, baby!

At 17,  the Dog got his 1st official gig at the local roller rink....Homestead Skating Center...which was the former gig for the world known Luke (Luther Campbell) of Luke Skyywalker Records. Aight...the name don't say much....but the business spoke for itself. This was the hot spot in Homestead for everyone who was under 21. By this time, Diamond Dog was also giving out mixtapes (real cassettes back then...haha) to his close friends for promotion. He was still doin up that mobile thang, too. Some of the most noteable house parties were at Biscayne Bay (this cat had a yacht docked in his back yard....dayum), madd parties for da 299th St boys in Homestead, and some crazy parties out in da Redlands.

In 1990, the roller rink had changed owners and it was turned into an ice skating arena named Ice Castles. Diamond Dog remained on as one of the top DJ's. By then, he was also working at a pirate radio station out of Florida City known as Bass 91.9. Diamond Dog worked there with his partner, Esteban Hernandez, Anthony...aka Ant, DJ Soft Touch, & KC. The radio station had a very loyal following of locals and could be heard as far south as Key Largo & as far north as Naranja Lakes. 

By this time, Diamond Dog had met several local talents such as BVSMP (who have a joint that is still on the net today called "I Need You"), Kidd MC, MC Jeffox, ISC DJ's (International Sound Creators), Daryll (DJ) James (one of da craziest beatboxers outta Homestead), MC Shy D, Mikey C, the Gucci Crew, and the TKO Posse. 

In 1992, Diamond Dog was preparing to do some album work with MC Jeffox when Hurricane Andrew swept through & displaced everyone. Diamond Dog moved up to Orlando for a year & eventally back up to his hometown, just north of Syracuse, in Watertown, NY. It was there where he stayed on the down-low for many years...aside from a few local gigs & a few cd's.

In 2004, Diamond Dog began his road back into the game when he began working with some remixes, blendz, & mashups. He began to stir up a buzz in the local region with the "off the wall" styles he put together. Before long, he landed a gig at the Watertown based bar... the "Horizon" where is still DJ's on Friday & Saturday nights with his patna, Jerod. He has also created a buzz with his mixtapes, which consist of everything from exclusives to blendz to remixes to megamixes. Through the use of internet networking, remixes from Diamond Dog have been heard in clubs in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, California, Florida, Great Britain, and Singapore.

With the buzz stirring, Diamond Dog decided to set up a website ( to showcase his original styles. If you like the remixes & megamixes on this page, then peep the website cuz there's much more available...

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