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From the day he was born, LARRY VELEZ was destined to become one of the most devoted promoters in Dance music history. It was once told, that as a child, his incredible curiosity for music would only lock him into the Radio/DJ world forever. His dedication to dance music began at very early age of 14. It was through DJ-ing a Latin dance genre called, "Freestyle" that made him a recognizable voice and a household name all over the globe. The one… the only, "DJ LARRY VEE".

During the early 80's, Larry could be seen walking down the streets of Hartford Connecticut, carrying his 55 pound bag of vinyl records. Chances were, Larry was on his way to DJ another private house party. At that time, he played everything from RAP to R&B. In 1988, at a very ripe young age of 18, he started DJ-ing at well-known night clubs like, "After Hours". During one of his performances, he was spotted by a famous DJ/personality and director of 89.3 WRTC FM, Van Johnson. He approached the young Larry and asked if he would be interested in coming over to the studio to observe his radio show. Larry knew that in life, you only get two chances. This was his first. So, he told Van he would be there, and he was. That was the show that changed Larry's life forever. Larry was immediately offered to host and DJ alongside another distinguished DJ named, Devon. Now, some may find this hard to believe, but to this day, Larry still considers himself a bit on the "shy" side when it comes to the microphone. Thanks to Devon, Larry was carefully taught everything from A to Z on "Radio 101".

While Larry spun R&B at 89.3 WRTC FM, he heard about a DJ named "Peter C". He was playing a new sound nobody ever heard before. There was something about the beats, the rhythm, the sound and the style that drew Larry to this one particular genre. It was called "Freestyle". All of a sudden, Larry caught himself spending countless hours collecting albums at an historical record store called, the "Mr. Musica Record Shop". The first record he bought was George Lamond's, "Bad of the Heart". Before you knew it, he had collected more than 500 tunes into his library!

He spun those tunes on his radio show faster then he could purchased them!

A few months later, WRTC had the difficult job of telling Larry he couldn't play Freestyle, because Peter C already was. So, it was back to Rap and R&B. As the days flew by, listeners would call in complaining about the lack of Freestyle getting played. Larry was instantly offered contracts to spin the new sound on 91.7 WHUS FM and later in 1992 on 107.7 WFCS FM.

After Larry's father passed away in 1996, he dedicated himself to releasing Freestyle compilation albums. In 1997 he released an album called, "The Freestyle City Kids". It was a group of young artists searching for a positive change in their lives. Later he created a group called, "The New England Association for the Freestyle Awards". His contributions to the Dance industry didn't stop there. He continued on into the successful release of the, "Freestyle FunHouse" series in collaboration with award winning producer, Edwin "Eddie Ed" Ramos. When he joined 88.5 WVOF FM in 1998, he started, "The Freestyle Family Show". Later in 1999, he and the show were transferred over to 88.1 WESU FM. His first independent record label was properly titled, "Freestyle City Records", in which he released another successful compilation called, "Fantasy Freestyle" consisting artists from all over the United States. But finally, during the summer of 2001, it was time for DJ Larry Vee's voice to be heard over the airwaves on Mega 1230 am & 910 Latio AM. Today, Larry's recognizable voice can be heard on radio shows all over the internet and continues to assist artists in the Dance industry. Larry never stops. It's safe to say that now, Larry's life has made its mark in music. As much as many are lead to believe that "Freestyle" is dead, House music keeps it alive, Dance and HiNRG keeps it alive, and so therefore, Larry's job isn't over. Looking back, it's incredible to see, how much of Larry's life has made an impact on Dance music alone. We invite you to explore deeper into this loyal DJ and MC's life… to understand his extraordinary humble beginnings, to his amazing desire for competition and achievement. Sometimes the competition got in the way of the love, but at the end, love always prevailed. That, we can always count on Larry Vee for.

By- F.W. Savala
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Dance DJ Tours:
China/Hong Kong -2004 East Coast Tour - 2002 East Coast Tour - 1999 Eadt Coast Tour - 1997

1995 UCONN Outstanding and Dedication Service
1996 New England Excellent Broadcasting

Club Copacabana
Club Exit
Latin Quarters
Razal Nightclub (Late 1990's)
The Chicago Freestyle Festival (DJ as well)
Roseland (And DJ'd)

Fuga Jams Concerts
Major Puerto Rico Festivals and Concerts
Reviewer for DMA Magazine 96'-98'

Worked for major promoters like…
Eddie Ramos
Billy Idol
Mickey Garcia
Tony Garcia
Luna Records
Hot productions
DOS Local Productions

Promoted concerts for:
Judy Torres
George Lamond
Latin nation
Tio Puente JR
Manny Rivera
Ivy queen
Queen Latif
LL Cool J
Old G and the Bull Dogs
Nicest Move
Peter Fontaine
Johnny O
C&C Music Factory
Robin S
…just to name a few

Currently an active DJ in the Dance industry working on getting back on the FM radio airwaves in Florida.

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